Why buy a lumbar pillow from Amazon for your office chair?

I am very picky about my lumbar support and was curious if an additional lumbar pillow would help me feel more comfortable in my office chair. So, I bought five highly rated lumbar pads on Amazon and gave them a try.

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Kingphenix was the first pad I tried and the only perforated mesh product on this list. Reading the description made me laugh a little. He says: “As a product update, we added a vertical strap in the middle. The image on Amazon did not update in time. Please understand that this additional mid vertical strap can be cut if you need to reduce the curve. If you need to increase the curve, you don’t need to cut it.”

The king phenix pillow

The design includes two adjustable straps on the side and a permanent strap in the middle. The adjustable straps add to the curve, but you’re limited in how flat the pad can go unless you cut the middle strap. Judging from the quality of the product, I’d guess the middle strap was added to prevent the outer straps from breaking. One advantage is that you get two holders in the package, so you have a backup if the straps end up breaking.

From a comfort standpoint, this product has a lot of potential. I found it comfortable and it fits the chair more naturally than most pillows. Open mesh doesn’t get as hot as other padded supports, which is important to me because I tend to get hot and can get too hot in some chairs.

Close up of pillow straps
Close up of pillow straps

The mesh also has a bit of give to it, and the frame has some flex. The main problem is that it doesn’t stay in position when you recline. It always slides down and sometimes it will slide down the entire length of the backrest. There is nothing holding it in place. I think a second strap would be helpful, which is a feature you’ll see on most other lumbar supports.

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This is the most popular product we will see. It has around 35,000 reviews on Amazon and a solid rating. The pillow is also backed by a solid Fakespot score. This is a very different product than the Kingphenix. This is a padded product with a two-strap system, making it much more stable than the Kingphenix. It holds its position better, but I’m not a fan of this product for a number of reasons.

First, is the quality of the foam. It advertises heat sensitive memory foam, but it doesn’t look like memory foam to me. It bounces more like cut or molded foam does. If it’s actually memory foam, it’s some of the lowest quality I’ve come across. I also have to question the “heat response” aspect that is mentioned in the description. For me the foam got hot pretty quickly. After about 30 minutes my lower back felt hot.

Showing the pad heating up
Showing the pad heating up

The last thing I didn’t like about the chair was how far it pushed me into my seat. You will want to make sure that your chair has seat depth adjustment so that you have enough room for your legs. It also renders the rest of the backrest useless because you have to bend your back awkwardly to make contact with the backrest.

The Qutool is the biggest pad on our list. It’s more of a full back pad than just a lumbar pad. I think it is also one of the best quality products. The foam is better than the Everlasting Comfort pillow and includes some little bumps that help give it that massaging feeling.

In general, I think Qutool is quite comfortable. I appreciate the full back design because it feels more natural than just having the lumbar support. The two-strap system and grip material on the back help you keep your position. It is definitely the strongest option on the list. It never slipped or came out of place while I was using it.

Qutool pillow
Qutool pillow

However, there are some downsides to this product. If the Everlasting Comfort is a level 5 on our heat meter, the Qutool is a 9 or 10. It has so much memory foam that it doesn’t breathe at all. I can’t use the product because I started to overheat after about an hour and a half.

Another con is that it changes all the dimensions of your chair and your back is pushed forward too much. Chairs with no arms attached to the seat will be a problem with this product.

This pad is shaped like a tooth and is the most expensive on our list. It retails for around $66, which is double the price of most other products. The padding is the densest memory foam I have ever seen. I wore it for a long time and never felt like I was sinking into the pad and it never started to adjust to my body. It’s just too firm to be that kind of product.

The shape of the pad is also interesting because you really only feel the pad on the vertical muscles of the back that run the length of the spine. It also doesn’t have a noticeable curve to help with your lower back. Because the foam doesn’t give in at all, they actually push you forward in your chair, preventing you from comfortably using your upper back and you’ll definitely need a seat slider.

The Lab Pillow Throw Pillow
The Lab Pillow Throw Pillow

While the foam is of good quality and the one-strap system is stable, I don’t think this product is practical for an office chair, especially considering the price. I think this would work best on something like a dining room chair where there is no padding of any kind.

This is one of the lower-priced options at just $19.99, and I think it’s a better version of the Everlasting Comfort pad. It’s a popular product on Amazon with over 10,000 reviews and a 4.4 star rating, but Fakespot gives it a “C” so I’m not sure all those reviews are legit.

The shape is identical to the Everlasting Comfort pad, but the foam is of better quality and fits you much better. I find the pad itself comfortable, but it doesn’t take away from the overall back of the chair. From the midpoint of your back up, you won’t even use the backrest. It’s also terrible when it comes to reclining, but if you sit upright most of the time, this can be a good lumbar pad option, especially for only $20.

The Samsonite pillow

The Samsonite has some of the same issues as the other pads on the list. It’s definitely not as warm as the full back model, but it’s warmer than the mesh option. Plus, it pushes you forward in the seat, so a seat slider and adjustable arm pads are a must. The single strap system is not very stable, which means that the pad simply falls off. This is one area where the Everlasting Comfort has the advantage, but I prefer the Samsonite overall.

Finally, by using a lumbar pillow for your office chair, you can help you get through your day in greater comfort. For more product reviews and tips and tricks to perfect your office setup, keep up with BTOD.

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