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Tag Heuer has announced that its luxury range of Caliber E4 smartwatches is set to receive an update to Google’s Wear OS 3 software, which will bring significant changes.

Google announced Wear OS 3 in May 2021, while Tag Heuer released the 42mm E4 Connected Caliber and 45mm E4 Connected Caliber in 2022, so the update has been a long time coming.

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New software promises to change the way your Tag Heuer smartwatch looks and works. The user interface has been completely redesigned to be easier and faster to use, from the notifications view to the quick settings screen that pulls down from the top of the main watch face screen. Expect it to look and feel very different than it does now. You can get a taste of what’s to come by seeing how different Wear OS 3 is on two competing models.

Swipe across the screen and you’re greeted with customizable tiles. There are new complications to add to the different watch faces, and the buttons can be configured as well. The bottom button on the watch face now opens a recent apps view by default, making it quicker to get back to recently used apps.

But it’s not just about how Wear OS looks on your watch, it’s also about the app you use on your phone.

New Tag Heuer Connected app

Tag Heuer Connected Caliber E4 Porsche dial.
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When the update is complete, you’ll need to remove the old Wear OS app from your phone and install a new Tag Heuer Connected app, as your smartwatch will use it to pair and sync with your phone. Apparently it will only take five minutes to set up the newly updated smartwatch. The companion app allows you to customize the look of your watch and view data from all your stored activity sessions. This all sounds pretty familiar, as it’s a similar experience to what we had with Montblanc Summit 3, which launched with Wear OS 3 already installed.

Tag Heuer will also include a new feature with the app called Tag Heuer Golf Full Shot Tracking, which includes shot detection, distance measurement and shot recording. Although he hasn’t shared any further details about this feature, he indicates that it’s just the first in a series of new features enabled by Wear OS 3 and the Tag Heuer Connected app.

It’s important to understand that the Wear OS 3 update is so transformative that it will completely reset your smartwatch during the update process, due in part to the requirement to use the new companion app. Your smartwatch will alert you when the update is ready, but it looks like it won’t be fully released much before March 27. Even then, expect the update to hit compatible smartwatches in sequence and not all at once.

Tag Heuer and Google’s Wear OS 3 update is compatible with all Caliber E4 smartwatches, including the recently launched Sport Edition, Golf Edition and Porsche Special Edition. If you own an older Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch, which won’t get the update, the company runs a trade-in program to encourage you to upgrade to a newer model, which can be an incentive if you’re tempted by the new software.

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