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1.) A ransomware gang called Medusa is demanding a $1,000,000 ransom from the Minneapolis Public Schools and has threatened to leak sensitive details if the victim does not pay the demanded sum on time. MedusaLocker is a new malware variant that has been spreading since 2021 and has so far targeted educational institutions and two electronics manufacturing companies.

Now the latest victim is the Minneapolis Public School District and the educational institution has made it clear that it will never pay any ransom to the hackers as it has other plans to recover data by various means.

2.) Secondly, there is the news related to IceFire Ransomware that has been targeting Windows and Linux machines for the past few weeks. Security researchers at SentinelOne have discovered that the file-encrypting malware gang has exploited a vulnerability in the IBM Aspera Faspex file-sharing software and, to date, has targeted machines operating in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

3.) The Central Bureau of Investigation of India (CBI) has launched a new investigation into ammunition manufacturer Solar Group which manufactures ammunition and weapon parts for the Indian Army. A few weeks ago, BlackCat, also known as the Alphv ransomware group, claimed to have stolen about 39 GB of data and demanded a sum from the victim. Since he did not respond positively, the gang exposed around 5 GB of information related to explosives, missile heads, grenades, rockets, and propellants.

After a complaint was filed at a Nagpur city police station, the case was transferred to CBI and a special investigation was launched to get to the core of the incident.

4.) The following is news related to a Canadian based company called Black & McDonald. According to a media update, someone launched a ransomware attack against the company that makes equipment for military and power plants.

Neal Kelly, a spokesman for Ontario Power Generation, confirmed the news and said they will reveal more details about the incident after preliminary inquiries are completed.


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