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Starting in 2024, the ECB will launch cyber attacks against major prominent banks to test the cyber resilience of their IT infrastructure against sophisticated attacks. Andrea Enria, head of the ECB, announced the decision of the Superintendency, after the banks that operate in Europe observed a sharp increase in attacks on their infrastructure, after the start of Russia’s war with Ukraine.

It is a known fact that all the major European nations are supporting Ukraine in its war with the Putin-led nation by supplying essential items, funds and ammunition to the war-torn nation. This kind gesture seems not to have gone down well with the Russian authorities, as they would have easily won the war in May last year, if support is withdrawn.

In retaliation, they started a digital warfare and assigned the task to their GRU-led cyber team, Killnet. According to the FBI, the team works with Russian intelligence and defeats its enemy through digital warfare by stealing classified documents or disrupting operations with malware such as ransomware or DDoS attacks.

As banks and other financial institutions are becoming the main targets of this illogical war, in which both sides are unwilling to meet for peace talks, the ECB has decided to launch thematic stress tests to verify the readiness of cyber resilience of all featured banks.

However, the decision to launch simulated attacks will be made in September 2023 and will take place in the middle of next year, if all goes according to plan.

NOTE- Vladimir Putin, who is well prepared to lead his nation for the next term starting in 2024, has decided to escalate the war against Ukraine, but launching military attacks against the civilian population. It is said that he followed the basic rules of war to date to attack military bases. But now, he is in no mood to forgive the Ukrainian people and therefore could launch deadly attacks on innocent people. The Intelligence Department of the United States, the Pentagon, has discovered in its secret espionage operation that the Russian president is also thinking of launching a kind of biological warfare from mid-April and, since he is against weapons chemicals, as it can cause problems for the population of their own country and could profoundly impact the next generations of both nations. However, he is not receiving the support he needs so much from his aides, who have decided to dethrone him in the next term, due to his bad intentions.


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