Urban Decay’s new liquid eyeliner makes winged liner a doddle

Even with a makeup bag full of products, we still have questions… Will it be possible to draw on the winged liner in one go? Is there a faster way to execute an exaggerated smokey eye? Is there a concealer that covers dark circles without a cakey finish at mealtime? This month, however, brands have delivered those answers in the form of innovative products, and we take it as a sign to update our routine.

Modeled from professional brushes, Urban Decay 24/7 Inks Liquid Eyeliners they practically give you artistic hands. With Hourglassthe new shadow sticks, all you have to do is scribble them and voila: you have a masterpiece in the form of sultry eyes. valentineThe concealer works like magic after a sleepless night to give you a glowing canvas. And be sure to apply a few coats of maybelline‘s volumizing mascara for a spectacular finishing touch.

When it comes to our manicures, we want colors that wow and finishes that shine. olive and june (with a collection of glossy lacquers) and Sundays (with a trio of shiny chrome paints) have just the nail polishes we’ve been looking for, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

At the same time, some products are so ridiculously beautiful (almost museum-worthy!), like Ricardo Quinnthe collaboration of MACwith lipsticks, eyeliners and a palette of pastel colors: you almost I don’t want to use them. But, besides, how could you resist? The same could be said of GuerlainThe darling new lipstick, all dressed up in a jean ensemble.

Here, our favorite new makeup and nail products launching in March.

Urban Decay 24/7 Ink Liquid Eyeliner

You don’t have to be Frida Kahlo to pick up this full-length gown. Urban Decay 24/7 Ink Liquid Eyeliner. Inspired by an artist’s brushes, the ergonomically designed handle makes sharp, winged eyeliner achievable, even for the most unsteady of hands. There’s a sleek matte black shade and a soft chocolate brown, but we’ve got our eyes on the more colorful shades like sky blue, shimmering teal, and electric yellow.

Glow Recipe Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops Primer

Have you ever wondered if the primer was In fact necessary? prepare with Glow Recipe Strawberry BHA Pore Smoothing Drops before applying makeup, and thank us later. Sure, your foundation will last through a full day’s work, but this serum does more: mattifying ingredients (like tapioca and rice) help create a blurring effect for a smooth finish, while BHAs gently exfoliate for smoother skin. long-term.

Valentino Very Valentino Concealer

A concealer is supposed to cover up spots (such as dark circles or blemishes), do not cause further concerns such as dryness and caking. Valentino Very Valentino Concealer it does exactly that. Beyond impressive coverage (tired-looking eyes don’t stand a chance!), the silky, lightweight formula contains caffeine to eliminate puffiness, plus vitamin E to hydrate and therefore prevent wrinkles.

Sundays Pearl Nail Polish Collection

If you’re like Hailey Bieber and glazed donut nails have become a part of your personality, you’re going to love this Sundays Pearl Nail Polish Collection. Two coats are all you need for a light-catching manicure. Choose from an iridescent cream reminiscent of your favorite pearl earrings, a metallic ocean blue, or an opalescent pink. They all shine!

Maybelline New York Surreal Extensions Falsies Mascara

Just like a quality round brush that creates an ultra-bounce blast, this Maybelline New York Surreal Extensions Falsies Mascara the wand will give your lashes a little lift. The twisted bristles grab every last hair and coat it with fibers for a finished look that rivals lash extensions, without all the commitment and maintenance.

Olive & June Farmer’s Market Collection Polish Set

We can’t tell you what’s in season at your weekend farmers market, but when it comes to your manicure, a strawberry red, an orange with carrot juice, or a lavender is ripe for the picking. olive and juneThe fresh spring collection from comes in six shades, with names like Berry Basket (a soft turquoise), Not Kale (a chartreuse green), and This Lettuce is Radicchio (a sheer magenta), which are available in a set or individually.

Hourglass Voyeur Eyeshadow Stick

Unless you’ve cracked the code on how to add more hours to your day, chances are an extravagant look in the morning isn’t feasible… Not anymore. Allowing us to hit the snooze button multiple times and still look together are these swipe and go Hourglass Bar Shades. The creamy texture is easy to blend with your fingers and doesn’t smudge once it sets.

Guerlain The Floral Denim Collection

Similar to a great pair of jeans, we suspect you’re going to get a lot of wear and tear in this one. Guerlain Rouge G pencil case in Blossom denim, with floral frescoes by the painter Laura Gulshani. Put on your favorite shade of the brand’s lipstick, and once you’ve finished every last swipe, refill it with another bullet.

Too Faced Italian Spritz Eyeshadow Palette

If a quick little trip to Lake Como isn’t on the cards, may we offer you a refreshing selection of 18 citrus-scented eyeshadows within the Too Faced Italian Spritz Eyeshadow Palette? For daytime, there are plenty of matte neutrals like Toasted in Tuscany (a soft brown) and Spaghetti About It (a burnt orange-brown), but we’re most excited about dazzling shimmers like Cin Cin (a warm bronze) and Lake & Bake ( a midnight blue).

MAC by Richard Quinn

British fashion designer Richard Quinn is known for his avant-garde creations and daring use of colour, so a collaboration with MAC made perfect sense. “I wanted to create a collection that reflected my love of English flowers and Parisian couture,” says Quinn. Brand classics like MACStack Mascara and the famous Matte Lipstick are in full bloom for a limited time. The first thing we look for: MAC by Richard Quinn Matte Lipstick in Vamp-tastica juicy, fuchsia.

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