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The use of monitors a few years ago was a big problem since it was not possible to transport them due to their weight and size. However, with advances in technology now portable monitors available that have facilitated the task of people in various aspects.

One of the best features of portable monitors is that they are easy to use, take up less space, and are the best option for traveling. They make browsing easy and enjoyable as they are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and offer easy connectivity via USB.

Make sure that the monitor you are planning to buy is compatible with various platforms, viz. Laptop, MAC, iPhone, Android, etc. Before making a purchase of the product, make sure that it also has a wide range of ports, viz. HDMI, VGA, etc.

The more compatible ports will give you options to connect additional equipment to the device, such as a projector, gaming mouse, etc. One of the most beneficial points of the monitor is that they do not require electricity to display images, so they just work on a plug and play concept.

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Top 4 Portable Monitor Apps

  1. The second screen of the laptop.

Multitasking is very prominent these days. Working on multiple tasks at the same time makes work enjoyable and efficient. There are many times that you need to surf the net for data and keep the report or write down the essential points at the same time. Changing windows too frequently can be exhausting and frustrating. So using two screens at the same time can make it easier to get many things done.

  • Increase the size of your phone and tablet

Sometimes it becomes difficult to post stories, videos, photos and chat at the same time on social networking sites as it is frustrating to change the small windows on the phone screen. This sometimes results in irrelevant posts or subscriptions being added to company announcements. By simply connecting the smartphones to the portable displays, all functions can be displayed clearly, which also protects your eyes from getting weak.

  • Fun, chills and Netflix

It is common to see that children, just like adults, struggle to watch their desired series. This will no longer be a problem if you get portable displays that can be easily attached to tablets and allow different people to watch different shows at the same time. These monitors are so much fun and playful during the road trip in the car too.

  • Monitors to preview filming videos

YouTubers or people from different music or acting industries are completely dependent on the images that appear on the TV screen or monitors. Everything they work on is summarized and analyzed on the monitors screen to make changes or submit for approval.

When people invest their time, effort and equipment, they expect great quality and visual effects that are not possible with the small screen of the camera and camcorder. Portable displays have made it easy for them to edit videos on the go. They can be easily attached to a tripod via a tripod mount and this has greatly increased productivity.

These are the 4 best apps for portable monitors. If you liked this article, share it with your friends.

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