This jar is the secret to keeping your coffee fresh for longer.

When you bring home a bag of coffee beans, you want to keep the beans as fresh as possible until you plan to use them. If you’ve been leaving your beans in their original packaging, you may want to rethink your coffee storage strategy. Coffee is hygroscopic, which means that it acts like a sponge, absorbing moisture, odors, and flavors from the surrounding air. To keep beans fresh, they need to be kept away from light, heat, air, and water.

To maintain maximum freshness, beans should be stored on the shelf in an airtight, opaque container in a cool, dark place (like your pantry or cabinet). Also make sure the container is kept away from any heat source; do not place it on top of a refrigerator or near the stove.

The beans should be eaten within one to two weeks of roasting. By the time you open the vacuum-sealed packaging, they will start to lose their freshness. That’s why you want to transfer them to an airtight jar that’s made of non-reactive glass, ceramic, or metal and comes with a gasket seal.

boat storage

For the ideal bean storage environment, choose a canister with a solid seal, like the Coffee Gator BPA-Free Fresh Seal Canister. Beans naturally release CO2, so this container comes with a special flavor-preserving release valve that expels CO2 from inside the container. It has a handy built-in freshness tracker that also makes it easy to see how long your beans have been stored. Just be sure to close the container quickly to help maintain maximum freshness. The opaque design protects the beans from light, and the ventilation helps keep out moisture.

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freezer method

Some people choose to freeze their beans, but that’s only best if you don’t plan on using them for the next few weeks. Otherwise, you’ll be exposing them to moisture and odors from nearby foods. It is not advisable to freeze them for a week and then take them out to use because the temperature fluctuation will make the coffee taste bad. Do not store coffee beans in the refrigerator for the same reasons

But sometimes you might want to get a good deal with a wholesale purchase, and that’s okay. If you need to freeze beans, pour small portions into plastic bags to help prevent freezer burn. Remove as much air as possible and seal them tight. Then store them in the freezer. Just know that after a month or so the quality will start to degrade, so keep that in mind when purchasing. Be sure to thaw beans at room temperature before using.

Ground coffee vs. whole beans

When shopping for coffee, look for freshly roasted whole beans. When time permits, grind whole beans just before brewing each time. This may seem like more work, but your palate will thank you.

Whenever possible, use the canister method to keep your morning cup of coffee flavorful to the last drop.

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