The Pi-Powered Microcontroller Is A Lego Astronaut In An RGB Suit

Raspberry Pi and Lego have a long history together. Not only have various manufacturers created Raspberry Pi projects using Lego bricks, but there is also the Raspberry Pi Build HAT that allows you to control motors and sensors from everyone’s favorite single-board computer. The upcoming FigPi microcontroller takes this union to the next level by using Raspberry Pi silicon (an RP2040 processor) on a circuit board that looks like a Lego astronaut minifigure.

FigPi is the brainchild of Ben Shockley, an engineer who has already created a similar microcontroller board called the Mini SAM M4 that is powered by an Atmel SAMD51G19A CPU. He sells the Mini SAM M4 for $25 to $30 on his site, (opens in a new tab) in a choice of colors black, red, green, purple or blue. Shockley has yet to announce pricing or availability for the FigPi, as he teased the new board via his Mastodon account.

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