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HBO’s first season ended on Sunday night, and the show’s creators are already anticipating the challenge of adapting the second game. HBO quickly greenlit a second season after the show became an immediate hit, but that won’t be enough to contain as confirmed by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann.

“No. No way,” Mazin said when asked if the second season would explore the entire story of Part II (interview contains spoilers from). “It’s more than one season,” added Druckmann, though Mazin declined to say whether it would take two or three seasons to cover the events of the Naughty Dog sequel. In any case, The last of us It’s only officially renewed for a second season, not a third or fourth yet.

As if the task of adapting the long and ambitious Part II didn’t seem daunting enough, Mazin and Druckmann have a huge new audience to appease. The show has been a great success so far. HBO that nearly 30 million viewers have watched the first five episodes across all platforms. We’ll have to wait and see if those people stick around afterwards. [spoiler] in the basement of the chalet, but the show’s creators aren’t too concerned.

“I don’t care. How they react is how they react, that’s completely out of our control,” Druckmann said. G.Q. in response to a question about the television audience’s reaction to the events of Part II. “So how do we make the best TV show version of that story? That’s the problem we wrestle with every day.” Mazin added that he would rather viewers have a strong emotional response than an indifferent one.

In the meantime (and this is where we’ll get into some mild spoilers), the finale’s pivotal opening scene was originally envisioned as part of an animated short, which did not happen. According Druckmann said he then talked to an outside studio about making a separate game focused on Ellie’s mother, Anna, but that too fell through. The show gave her a chance to revisit that part of the story, which features Ashley Johnson (who plays Ellie in the games) as Anna.

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