Some AMD Radeon Users May Experience Lower 3DMark Time Spy Scores, AMD/UL Confirm –

AMD is aware of a rare 3DMark performance bug

Some Radeon users may experience performance issues with the 3DMark software when using the latest Radeon drivers.

The problem has been reported Osvaldo Doederlein (Google Software Engineer), who noticed a performance drop when using the latest Radeon drivers for his RX 7900 XTX GPU. The issue reportedly affects benchmarking software TimeSpy by generating much lower results.

UL/3DMark developer confirms that around 3% of users may be affected. Probably because only such a small number of affected systems are reported, the company was unable to reproduce this issue internally. However, the AMD driver team was more successful in doing so, although the issue has yet to be added to the “known issues” list for the latest driver.

We have not been able to reproduce this in our test lab at this time. We are still trying, but nothing so far. So we know at this point that this is not a general issue that affects everyone with 7900XT/XTX. If this was an issue, it would have come up during driver approval testing as well, but that process didn’t see anything unusual with the latest drivers when they were tested.

But we also looked at our database to compare the results of the old driver to the new driver on any results using the 7900XT or XTX and can confirm that this seems to be a real problem, albeit a very rare one. Among all the results with the new controller, about 3% of results show abnormal (very low) scores in Time Spy. No similar group of very low scores appear in the results with the older version of the driver.


In other news, Apparently AMD has reproduced this internally and it’s starting to look more and more like a driver issue, so at this point I can only offer “roll back or ignore and wait for future driver fixes”.

—UL Jarnis

3DMark Time Spy with Radeon RX 7900 XTX (old and new driver), Source: 3DMark/Osvaldo Doederlein

Neither AMD nor NVIDIA had any luck with recent driver releases. Both companies were forced to release updates that resolved some critical issues.

AMD had to remove an option to reset driver settings (factory reset) on a fresh installation because it might have caused operating system issues when Windows Updates were running in the background. Meanwhile, NVIDIA released a hotfix driver that resolved a CPU usage bug of its ‘Container’ service.

However, the 3DMark bug doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem, so it doesn’t require a major or quick driver fix, but it’s definitely something Radeon users should be aware of.

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