Sling TV rolls out new features for sports fans, including picture-in-picture mode and an iOS widget

Sling TV announced yesterday the launch of three features that many March Madness fans are likely to enjoy, including a new “Side View” feature that allows web users to view gameplay on a small screen overlaid on top of whatever they’re doing. , either live tweeting the action or maybe working on a project for your job.

The live TV streaming service has also rolled out a new custom widget for iOS devices and updated its live “Sports Scores” feature by adding a dedicated home screen row.

To enable the new Side View feature on a desktop browser, Sling users can click the button in the top right corner that says, “Browse your computer while watching a video.” This will create a picture-in-picture window that allows users to open other windows, tabs, and apps while simultaneously watching a live stream. The small screen overlay can be moved anywhere on the page.

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Sling TV’s “Sports Scores” feature allows users to search all sports scores while watching TV. It launched during the summer of 2022, allowing users to access scores from the NFL and college football games to the NBA, NHL, and MLB. Viewers can now watch March Madness games on select devices. The feature will roll out to Roku, Amazon, and Android TV this week.

As part of the update, the company also added a dedicated home screen row for live game scores, allowing fans to view scores as well as view live games and access the matchup schedule. All in one place. Also, if a Sling TV subscriber is recording a game to watch later, the scores for that game will be hidden, the company noted in its announcement.

Additionally, Sling TV released a Sling widget for iOS users so they can now access their favorite channels, game scores, and DVR recordings without leaving the home screen. There are several different styling options for the widget, including “2 rows” or “4 rows” options for users to see a guide showing channels.

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It’s important to note that fans who want to watch the men’s tournament can only access TBS, TNT, and truTV with the Sling Blue plan. This means that viewers need to subscribe to another live TV streaming service if they want to watch the Final Four and championship games, since they will be on CBS. Sling TV does not offer CBS.

Also, the women’s tournament is on ESPN, which is only available with the Sling Orange plan.

Sling Blue is $45 per month and Orange is $40 per month. Subscribers can also get the package for $60 per month.

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