Research group shows Intel and NVIDIA data center revenues declining, AMD in fourth place and climbing

Market research firm, 650 Group, recently shared slides showing data center revenue from major semiconductor companies, including Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD.

Intel and NVIDIA remain at the top of data center revenue, AMD at fourth and climbing

650 Group shows vendor positioning for select data center companies, including Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Broadcom, and Marvell. According to the research firm, AI and cloud servers will play a significant role in changing provider positioning and provider preference for each cloud provider. Cloud providers are also demanding higher ASPs per server and more accelerators per server these days.

650 Research Group shares data center revenue and shipments with major technology companies, including Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. (Image credits: @_fabknowledge_)

Looking at the data center revenue breakdown, Intel retained the top spot, however the blue team had a big drop starting in late 2021 where it dropped from around $8 billion in revenue to almost half of that. that. NVIDIA was ranked second and the gap between the two giants has narrowed since early 2022. Huge demand for AI and HPC led to explosive growth for NVIDIA’s DC business, but the company experienced a slight decline as it transitioned to fourth quarter of 2022, which was also reflected in the most recent earnings.

Broadcom ranked third followed by AMD in fourth. AMD is slowly gaining ground within the data center segment. Its EPYC CPUs and Instinct accelerators have done very well and it looks like the company is poised to surpass 30% market share in the server segment by the end of 2023. You may also note that data center revenue from AMD have experienced a steady upward trend since 2020.


Moving on to server shipments that include servers and smart NICs, x86 was mostly flat and is expected to stay that way in the future. CPU upgrades from AMD and Intel will decide how x86 will perform, while Arm (non-x86) chips grew, reflecting the growth in IA/ML shipments, which also ranked first with around 21 million units. shipped in total. This is a major growth area where NVIDIA retains dominance and others are expected to follow.

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