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After three years, Lego’s Super Mario line is still going strong, finally adding Princess Peach to its starter game list last summer and continuing to release new expansions ever since. The Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion Set, available now, is a blast from the more recent past, showcasing an enemy from 2012. New Super Mario Bros U. With the International Toy Fair on ice for the past few years, the chances of seeing these games in person have been few and far between, but we got a glimpse of them at a recent industry event in New York.

The Princess Peach starter game was announced a year ago on March 10 (also known as Mario Day or “March 10 Day”), and has been available since August. The $60 game is priced the same as the Mario and Luigi starter games, though you’ll likely see them on sale more often since they’re older. In addition to the Bluetooth-connected Peach figure, the pack also includes Lemmy Koopa and a yellow toad. Also unique to the set is a flower-adorned swing: when the Peach figure is placed on the seat and pushed, she collects “coins” each time she passes over the sensor.

Like the Mario and Luigi figures, Peach has LED eyes and a small screen on her chest. The eyes are very expressive, if not a haunting little valley, but no worse than what we’re getting in the next Super Mario Bros. movie. The bottom of her dress comes off so you can connect her to other outfits like the Cat Peach Suit (unfortunately not included in this display, but available for $80 at many stores).

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The Fliprus set is the newest of the bunch, and is a bit more affordable at $65, since it doesn’t include any new costumes for Peach, Mario, or Luigi. It is compatible with the three starting characters, although the ice blue palette probably suits the princess better visually. There is a small catapult behind the Fliprus that launches an “ice” rock, and even a Cooligan (also made of New Super Mario Bros U).

Peach is already on sale on Amazon for a good price of $45, although members of Lego’s VIP program can earn double points on Super Mario purchases on the Lego site from now until March 12.

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