Our readers predict that Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard will come to fruition; Do you agree?

what you need to know

  • Microsoft first announced its plans to buy Activision Blizzard in January 2022.
  • Since then, the agreement has faced scrutiny from governing bodies in the US, UK and EU.
  • Microsoft has made several announcements and deals in an effort to persuade regulators to approve the acquisition.
  • Over 81% of Windows Central readers who participated in our survey predict the deal will go through.

Microsoft announced its plans to buy Activision Blizzard almost 14 months ago. The acquisition still has several regulatory hurdles to overcome before it goes ahead. Microsoft has spent more than a year trying to convince US, UK and EU regulators to approve the deal. It appears that the tech giant has made some headway, with reports indicating that the European Union is leaning towards approving the purchase.

Even if the deal goes through EU regulators, it will still need to be approved by the UK CMA and US FTC. The likelihood of that happening is unclear, but we wanted to get an idea of ​​whether our readers they believe that Microsoft will be allowed to buy Activision Blizzard.

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