Cybercrime and cyberespionage: IceFire, DUCKTAIL, LIGHTSHOW, Remcsos and tarot reader. US cyber budgets, strategy, and a Department of Defense cyber workforce approach. Five new ICS notices.

The new version of IceFire is out. A DUCK TAIL TALE. Tehran social engineering. DPRK LIGHTSHOW cyber espionage. The President’s Budget and cybersecurity. The US Department of Defense issues its cyber workforce strategy. Remcos emerges in attacks against Ukrainian government agencies. DDoS on a Ukrainian radio station. Dave Bittner sits down with Bishop Fox’s Beth Robinson to share her Offensive Security Resolutions for 2023. Cylete’s Caleb Barlow on the security implications of gigapixel imaging. And CISA publishes five ICS notices.

Selected reading.

Returns of IceFire ransomware | Now targeted at enterprise Linux networks (SentinelOne)

DUCKTAIL: Threat Operation resurfaces with New LNK, PowerShell and other custom tactics to avoid detection (Deep Instinct)

Iran-linked hackers used a fake persona affiliated with the Atlantic Council to target human rights investigators (CyberScoop)

Iranian APT targets female activists with Mahsa Amini protest lures (dark reading).

Iran threatens a group that persecutes women activists, warns an analyst (Cybernews)

Stealing the LIGHTSHOW (Part One) — North Korean UNC2970 (Mandiant)

Stealing the LIGHTSHOW (Part Two) — LIGHTSHIFT and LIGHTSHOW (Mandiant)

Cybersecurity in the US President’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget. (CyberWire)

Biden’s budget proposal highlights cybersecurity priorities (Washington Post)

Biden Budget Proposal: $200 million for TMF, CISA with a 4.9% budget increase (Meritalk)

Cyber ​​security set to increase spending in Biden’s budget (Gov Info Security)

Under Secretary of Defense Signs DoD Cyber ​​Workforce Strategy 2023-2027 (US Department of Defense)

In new cyber workforce strategy, DoD hopes ‘bold’ retention initiatives will bring talent back (Breaking Defense)

Remcos Trojan Returns to Most Wanted Malware List After Attacks in Ukraine (Infosecurity Magazine)

February 2023 Most Wanted Malware: Remcos Trojan Linked to Cyber ​​Espionage Operations Against the Ukrainian Government (Check Point Software)

Radio Halychyna hacked after appeal by group of Russian hackers (International Press Institute)

CISA publishes five notices on industrial control systems | CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency CISA)

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