My Search For The Perfect Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller Is Over

Turtle Beach rarely misses the mark when it comes to gaming accessories, from headsets to controllers, we often recommend their well-made and reasonably priced gaming peripherals. Turtle Beach has already dabbled in the cloud gaming market with the Recon Cloud Hybrid controller, but the Atom controller is its first model that fully integrates with your smartphone, a direct competitor to offerings from Razer and GameSir.

Admittedly, when I first saw the Turtle Beach Atom controller press release, my reaction wasn’t entirely positive. The design was so different from anything I’d seen before in the mobile controller space, I thought it was almost ugly. However, the more pictures I’ve seen, followed by seeing the controller in person, I’ve changed my mind. This controller isn’t ugly, it’s eccentric in its design and completely unique. I have come to love it.

The chunky but modern design has proven to be comfortable and functional, and has surpassed the Razer Kishi V2 as my new favorite controller to use when I want to fire up Xbox’s cloud gaming service.

Turtle Beach Atom Controller: Price, Availability, and Specs

Turtle Beach Atom Controller without a box with a travel bag and a USB-C charging cable. (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

The Turtle Beach Atom Controller is available directly from the Turtle Beach website for $99.99. It is also available on Amazon.

The controller comes in three colors, black/yellow, black/teal, and red. The Black/Yellow unit is officially certified ‘Designed for Xbox’ and features the familiar X home button, but all three designs will work with Xbox Cloud. The yellow edition comes bundled with one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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CategoryTortuga Beach Controller
connectivity2.4Ghz wireless between modules, Bluetooth connection with smartphone
included in boxUSB-C to USB-A charging cable, travel pouch,
Compatibilityandroid devices
Battery20 hour battery life with fast charge

Turtle Beach Atom Controller: What’s Good

Turtle Beach Atom Controller with two attached sides for easy storage. (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

When I first held the Turtle Beach Atom out of its box, I was impressed with how compact it actually was. Despite the controller’s initial bulky appearance in press images, the split-design sides actually latch on with magnets to make it pleasantly portable. The included pouch is also useful for protecting your device when you toss it in a backpack or bag before hitting the road. The compactness is comparable to the original Razer Kishi, but what I liked about this one was the ease of sliding the two sides apart. The original Kishi needs a few tries to get back into place (at least for me).

My favorite benefit of split modules is the ability to slide your phone in either side without removing the phone case. The lack of a backbone means there is no length limit to the device you can put on this controller. The retaining clips are impressively generous, as I’ve tested both a slim and a thick case on my Samsung S21+ without any issues.

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