modem vs. Router: What’s the difference?

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We all know how essential modems and routers are! Without these devices, you cannot use the Internet. However, both devices are different in their functionality and purpose, but you need both for a stable internet connection.

Do you know the differences between the two? If not, dive in!

What is a modem?

The term modem refers to modulating signals that the telephone line uses and then converts them into digital signals that devices can easily understand. The modem is vital because it connects your home network to your Internet Service Provider.

The modem translates the digital signals from the ISP so that your device can use the Internet without problems. Each modem tends to have a public IP address assigned to it that identifies it on the Internet.

Most modems usually have two connection points. One point is connected to your device, while the other is connected to your ISP. However, newer modems tend to have three ports. One of these ports is connected to the router, one is for the Internet connection, and the last one is for a power supply.

If you’re looking for a modem, consider asking your Internet service provider to provide one on a rental basis. The simple reason is that your Internet service provider can suggest the modem that is most compatible and suitable with your Internet plan.

What is a router?

The router is another essential device that connects to the modem and then transmits internet signals to the rest of the devices in your home, such as your smartphones. A router is a device to which your Internet-enabled devices connect.

It is responsible for routing traffic between your internet connections to various other devices like your computer. Therefore, it is an essential device because you can communicate between the devices in your home with your Internet connection.

Also, it highly depends on your router and how far your Wi-Fi signals can reach. Please note that unauthorized devices, or those that do not belong to you, can also connect to the router. To avoid this and the security risks it poses, you should take the necessary security measures, such as maintaining a strong password.

Routers are easily available everywhere now, like in electronics stores. You can also request it from your Internet service provider so that you can easily set up your Internet connection. So your carrier can tell which device works best with the plan you’re on.

You can have a reliable Internet connection and strong Internet equipment by subscribing to Windstream communications. Apart from Windstream’s customer support and outstanding internet connection, it also has a highly qualified and helpful team of experts.

Verdict: Do you need a router or a modem?

Although modems and routers are different, they are vital for a stable Internet connection. Truth be told, you need both!

The modem will connect your home network to the ISP. However, you can supplement the entire network with a router that transmits Internet signals and allows multiple devices to connect to the Internet simultaneously.

Traditionally, people used two different devices that worked together to provide a stable internet connection. But, with the advent of technology, you can free yourself from the hassle of buying two separate devices. You can go for 2-in-1 combo devices that work as routers and modems.

You can use the combo device designed with the latest technology, so setting up the internet connection is easier. So, talk to your service provider about it, as only their team of knowledgeable people can help you find the perfect devices for your home network.

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