Microsoft Word gets a new AI ‘Co-pilot’ that will help write documents and essays for you

what you need to know

  • Microsoft has unveiled new artificial intelligence capabilities coming to Office 365 at an event.
  • Microsoft calls this AI “Copilot” and it will make it easier to write Word documents.
  • With user input, you can ask Word to generate full text based on your own requirements.

Microsoft has announced that it will bring AI to all of its Office applications, including Word through a new “Copilot” feature that can generate text based on user input using natural language. You can ask Word to help you create a report on a given topic, and even point to offline source material, such as other documents on your computer.

Once Copilot generates the text, the user has the option of editing it, including using the AI ​​to rewrite certain parts in a different tone or context, or discarding it entirely. The AI ​​can also format, which means that users with only basic knowledge of Word will be able to create more advanced layouts thanks to the AI.

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