Microsoft introduces Outlook AI ‘Copilot’ that can answer emails for you

what you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced that it will bring AI to Outlook.
  • The new AI functionality exists in the form of a “copilot” that can help reply to messages.
  • The AI ​​is smart enough to analyze the content of the email and generate a response based on what the user requests.

Microsoft has announced several new AI capabilities coming to Microsoft 365, including a new AI Copilot feature for Outlook that will be able to analyze and generate responses to emails, based on requests described by the user. You no longer need to write long emails as Copilot for Outlook can do it all for you.

In the example posed by Microsoft, a user asks Copilot to reply to an email with approval, while also highlighting the key risks of a document that Copilot can obtain simply by mentioning the file name. Copilot then does the rest, including reading the original email for context, then the document, and then writing a reply with the details highlighted.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

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