Microsoft Teams doesn’t show all contacts [Fix]

Can’t see contacts and use other features because your contact isn’t showing up in Teams? Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform for real-time video meetings, messaging, file sharing, and more. However, some users have reported having problems when trying to find contacts in Teams. In this article, we will list all the working fixes that are useful when Microsoft Teams doesn’t show all contacts.

Microsoft Teams doesn’t show all contacts

If Microsoft Teams is not showing all contacts, please run the solutions below to eliminate this problem.

  1. Import the contacts again
  2. Disable Scope Directory Search
  3. Clear your computer’s cache
  4. Delete the equipment configuration file
  5. update equipment
  6. Repair or Reset Equipment
  7. reinstall equipment again

Let us begin.

1]Import the contacts again

First, make sure your Outlook contacts are synced with Teams; otherwise this problem is a must. However, if you’re already synced, but the contacts aren’t showing, re-import them. To do the same, follow the steps below.

  1. Start Outlook, go to the Home tab and click the directory option.
  2. Click on the account you are currently using and then on the Select all option.
  3. Lastly, go to the File tab and then select the Add to Contacts option.

Wait for the contacts to sync and hopefully the contacts will show up in Teams.

2]Disable Scope Directory Search

If contacts are not visible on the screen, ask your administrator to disable Scope directory search. The scoped search option is the feature that helps the admin to narrow down the search results; however, this feature can create this problem, so contact your administrator and ask them to disable it. Once disabled, see if the issue still occurs or not.

3]Clear Team Cache

Microsoft Teams stores cache for temporary data like any other app and other things that help the app get data more efficiently. However, if it gets corrupted, contacts may not show up in Teams. If that’s the case, we’ll delete the corrupted Teams cache and follow the steps below to do the same:

  • Press Win+E to open File Explorer.
  • Now, navigate to the following location in File Explorer
  • After that, in the open location, delete all the files in tmp folder, blob_storage, cache, GPU cache, databasesand local storage folders
  • Next, open the IndexedDB folder and delete the .db file.

Finally, restart the PC and look for the problem.

4]Delete the equipment configuration files

Many times, the files that contain configuration data get corrupted, which ultimately leads to these kinds of issues. However, this scenario can be easily fixed by deleting your computer’s configuration files, and here’s how to do the same:

Note: Since the local file on the computer is hidden, we will show it first, and then delete it.

  1. Click Win + R to open the Run dialog, and then type the following and press the Enter button:
    control folders
  2. On the View tab, go to the Hidden folders and files and then check the box next to the Show hidden files, folders and drivers option.
  3. Now, select Apply and the OK button.
  4. Open Explorer and search for the following path


  5. Find and right-click on the configuration.json folder and select the Delete option.

After deleting the JSON file, restart your computer and if possible restart your computer and then see if the issue is resolved.

5]Update teams

The issue may be caused by installation errors or an outdated version of MS Teams. And if it is the latter, then there are high chances of running into not only this error but many more. In such cases, please update the app to its latest version as new updates fix bugs and issues like this.

To update the Microsoft Teams app, click the settings and more button that is present next to the profile picture. Now, hit the Check for updates option to allow the app to download and install any available updates. Now restart the app and see if the contact is visible or not.

7]Repair or Reset Equipment

It is very likely that some of the Teams files are corrupted. It is not unusual for an application file to become corrupted and for the application to exhibit unorthodoxy. To remedy this situation, we can go to Windows Settings and try to repair the application. Follow the steps below to repair Microsoft Teams.

  1. Open configuration.
  2. Gonna Apps > Installed Apps either Applications and features.
  3. Search for Microsoft Teams.
    • windows 11: Click on the three vertical dots and select Advanced Options.
    • windows 10: Select the application and click Advanced Options.
  4. Click the Repair button.

You need to wait for some time while Windows repairs the application in question. Once the process is complete, check if the issue is resolved. In case the problem persists, go to the same panel, but this time, click Reset. This will reset your settings to default.

8]Reinstall equipment again

If the contacts are still not showing after doing the solutions mentioned above, then we recommend that you install the app again as this can resolve all the issues related to the app.

To do the same, type equipment in the search bar, and then right-click Teams and select the uninstall option. The other way is to open Settings, About him settings interface, click Applications in the left pane, and then select Apps and features either installed applications. C.Click the dots next to Microsoft Teams and select the Uninstall button.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue using these solutions.

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Why isn’t my contact information updating in Teams?

Due to corruption in cache data that stores information related to contact numbers and people, issues like contact not showing up or related information not updating can plague our screens. In such cases, closing the Teams app properly and then restarting it can clear this cache; otherwise, the steps to manually delete the cache are mentioned above. We also recommend updating the contact’s status in Teams, so go to the Teams profile, under the Status tab, select the Reset status option.

Why isn’t Teams showing all participants?

Many users were confused as to why only a few participants are showing up in the team meeting. This is because Team has a default Gallery Layout setting that will display a 2*2 or 3*3 guide. To change this situation, we can select the Large Gallery option. To do the same, click the More Actions (mobile users) / Change View (desktop user) option, and then select the Large Gallery option.

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Microsoft Teams doesn't show all contacts

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