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Microsoft launched its ChatGPT-powered version of Bing last month in limited beta, and it quickly brought a ton of new viewers and some respect to the beleaguered search engine. Now, it looks like Microsoft has opened up the new Bing to just about everyone who wants to use it, like windows center Have you noticed While the registration page still says “join the waitlist”, all you have to do is log in to get instant access, a trick that worked for me and a colleague.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the change, but we may learn more at an event it’s hosting today called “Reinventing Productivity with AI,” as spotted by Microsoft. TechCrunch. The company is supposed to introduce AI-powered tools for its Microsoft 365 suite and its SalesForce rival Dynamic 365, but it may also announce changes to Bing.

Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that the new Bing has been running on the GPT-4 engine for the past five weeks, long before OpenAI revealed it two days ago. The OpenAI Latest Language Model (LLM) has taken the tech world by storm with its ability to handle both text and images. Some of his feats include passing mock exams such as the Bar and the LSAT scoring “in the top 10 percent of test takers” and outperforming other LLMs on a variety of comparative tests.

Bing offers users a sample of GPT-4 without paying or being a developer. However, the new search engine got off to a bit of a rocky start, with as many as 10 million users signing up to try it out. Some were able to “jailbreak” the chatbot, causing it to spew out false information and essentially mislead users. That forced Microsoft to limit conversations, but it later removed some of those limits after strengthening the search engine’s “safety barriers.”

Microsoft was an early backer of the company behind ChatGPT, Open AI, and strengthened that commitment in 2021 with a $2 billion investment. Earlier this year, it further expanded the pact with a “multi-million dollar” investment that includes new supercomputers to speed up OpenAI research.

Update 3/16/23 2:52 pm ET: When asked for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson sent the following statement: “During this preview period, we’re running various tests that may speed up access to the new Bing for some users. We’re still in preview and you can sign up for Bing .com”.

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