Microsoft says the new Bing surpassed 100 million daily active users

It’s been over a month since Microsoft released the new Bing with ChatGPT in preview. And now, a month after launch, the software giant has shared some big stats on the new Bing’s share. He has also shared the factors that drive the use of the new Bing.

Microsoft surpassed one million users a week after the launch of the new Bing. And now, the company has shared that Bing now has more than 100 million daily active users, which Microsoft says is a “surprisingly remarkable number.” However, Bing remains a small player in the search market with a market share in the single digits.

Microsoft has also noticed that of the millions of users trying the new Bing, one third are new users using Bing for the first time. The Redmond giant sees the number as validation of “combining Search + Answers + Chat + Create into a single experience.” The company’s renewed efforts to revamp the way people search the Internet are not only fueling growth in Bing usage share, but are also resulting in greater engagement with people who search more daily. .

Emphasizing the value of an integrated Search + Chat experience, Microsoft has also shared that “a third of daily preview users use Chat daily.” Additionally, you’ve seen roughly three chats per session, with over 45 million total chats since the preview began last month. In 15 percent of chat sessions, people use Bing to generate new content.

As Microsoft explained, one of the reasons behind the rapid adoption of Bing is the fact that the share of use of Microsoft Edge is growing. The company also believes that new capabilities, such as Bing on the Edge Sidebar, will provide the impetus for further growth. The introduction of the “Prometheus model,” which improved Bing’s search quality, is another factor behind its rapid adoption.

Lastly, Microsoft has also said that it will continue to work hard to improve the Bing and Edge experience to “deliver the next generation of search.”

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