Microsoft brings AI to PowerPoint via new ‘Copilot’ feature that will create presentations for you

what you need to know

  • Microsoft has revealed that new AI capabilities are coming to PowerPoint.
  • AI “Copilot” will help you design entire presentations just by asking.
  • The AI ​​can even use other documents to get inspired and focus on a topic.

Microsoft has announced that it will bring AI to PowerPoint through a new “Copilot” feature that will allow users to use natural language to ask PowerPoint to create entire presentations based on a particular topic, and even the ability to query other documents for information. information and inspiration.

The Copilot also understands commands like “add animations to this slide” and, using descriptive language, you can even apply different styles per slide or across the entire presentation. The ability to talk to PowerPoint like a person and ask it to create things based on the ideas in its head will be a game changer for users.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

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