Microsoft brings several pre-tested build features in the first release of the rebooted Dev Channel

Microsoft announced a “rebooted dev channel” this week. Now, the first build (build 23403) for the rebooted channel arrives with a ton of new features and improvements, including File Explorer file recommendations and key shortcuts, multi-app kiosk mode, and more. However, it is important to note that they are also being tested in the new version of Canary and that the rest of the features in this version are just a continuation of previous tests.

Experts who chose to stay in the Dev channel after Microsoft revealed they would be migrating to the new Canary channel will receive more stable features. In this version, Microsoft is releasing the same features that are also available in the recently released Canary Build 25314. Some of them include the access key shortcuts in the File Explorer context menu, the File Recommendations section in File Explorer, and the automatic retrieval of Outlook Narrator support updates. Nonetheless, as the software giant promised, feature releases on the rebooted Dev Channel will be more reliable compared to those on the Canary Channel.

The other features of the new Dev Build 23403 have also been tested in other previous versions. One of them is live subtitles in more languages, a work last seen on Development build 25300. However, this release has no additions, but the company promised to bring more in the future.

Meanwhile, Microsoft brought its previous work related to voice access enhancements from Beta version 22624.1391 in this build. For starters, there’s a command help page in the redesigned app, and more English dialects have been added to the voice access support list. In addition, the company introduced new text selection and editing commands. Microsoft is also continuing its work (last tested on Dev Build 25309) in the touch keyboard settings (“Never”, “When no keyboard is attached”, and Always) in this Dev build.

Microsoft is also bringing back the Multi-App Kiosk Mode that we saw in Dev Build 25169 last year here. Here, IT admins will have more power over the blocking feature for Windows 11 by selecting the set of apps allowed for a specific device and blocking the rest of the functionality.

Other features we’ve seen in other builds above include the copy button to quickly copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes into notification toasts, a visible vpn status in the system tray, a “lighter” taskbar search box, updated Simplified Chinese handwriting recognition engine, and the ability to go to Settings by right-clicking a Win32 app on Start to uninstall the app.

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