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Second Dinner released a roadmap that revealed several major updates coming soon. marvel snap over the next few months, including a new competitive mode called Conquest and revamps to Token Shop and ranked modes of the mobile card game.

The developer went into more detail about all of these features in marvel snap game blog. Conquest was explained in detail and we learned that it is a competitive version of Friendly Battles’ health based fights. Conquest mode will be divided into several leagues (Trials, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Vibranium, Endless), and players need to win three consecutive battles in one to proceed to the next one and get better rewards. Players will be rewarded with Conquest Medals, which can then be used in a new cosmetic-powered Conquest Shop. This important new feature is expected to launch in June, but there will be a few updates before then.

In marvel snap In the next patch, Second Dinner will increase the number of Collector Tokens players earn from opening Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserve, and will add the ability for players to claim a free Series 3 card once per season. This should shorten the amount of time it takes to get new cards and set the stage for a Token Shop refresh in April. That rework will make the marvel snap The Token Shop is much more comprehensive by introducing new Series 5 cards in a weekly spotlight and giving Series 4 and 5 cards their own dedicated shop sections.

More modes and easier card acquisition have been some of the most requested things from marvel snap players since launch, so it’s great that Second Dinner is finally delivering on these fronts in the coming months.

Looking long term, the road map it also teases several features that are in development in concept stages in Second Dinner. These updates include widescreen support on PC, Smart Decks, the ability to equip avatars and titles per deck, custom shops, global matchmaking, social guilds, card emotes and emojis, mythic variants, PC controller support, seasonal audio and a Test Deck mode. that will allow players to test certain deck builds in an unranked mode against the AI.

marvel snap is now available for PC, iOS and Android.

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