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Today’s Premier League game between Bournemouth and Alston Villa will be a tale of two teams fighting for more. Alston Villa, who are the hosts, will be hoping that a win will put them in the top ten of the Premier League standings. Bournemouth are trying to capitalize on their recent win over Liverpool to get out of the bottom three. Trying to watch the Premier League is getting tricky due to various broadcast rights debacles, but there is only one way to watch Aston Villa vs Bournemouth online.

Alston Villa versus Bournemouth kicks off today at 11am ET and will air exclusively on Peacock TV. Here’s everything you need to know to watch the game cheaply from anywhere in the world, including information on whether there’s a free (legal) live stream of Aston Villa vs Bournemouth.

Watch the live stream of Aston Villa vs. Bournemouth on Peacock TV

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Peacock TV has the exclusive rights to broadcast about half of the Premier League matches. The other half is played on the USA Network. Peacock is much easier and cheaper to access than the US. You’ll need a Peacock Premium account, which is $5 per month. Unfortunately, there is no Peacock TV free trial that will get you a Premium account. Once you’re done watching the game, you’ll still have access to hundreds of on-demand shows and movies, other live sporting events, and more than 50 live TV channels. You can even upgrade to an ad-free tier at $10 per month.

Watch the live stream of Aston Villa vs. Bournemouth from abroad with a VPN

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Are you abroad and don’t want to deal with the headache of subscribing to a new streaming service? Here’s an easy solution: a VPN. These days, the best VPNs can convince your internet that you are where you want to be. The easiest solution for today’s game is to get NordVPN, the best VPN for streaming, and a Peacock Premium subscription. Trick the internet into thinking you’re in the US and watch the game like an American. NordVPN is currently 59% off when you buy a two-year plan, making it $6.69 per month.

If you are abroad, there is no guarantee that the country you are in will have access to Peacock TV live streaming. The match will likely be broadcast somewhere, but instead of digging through foreign-language sites and signing up for new streaming services, we’ve got a simple answer: download a VPN and pretend you’re in the US. NordVPN is our go-to. recommendation for the best VPN for streaming; in fact, it is the best VPN overall. Right now, a two-year plan is discounted by 59%, making it the equivalent of $6.69 per month.

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