Jaspers Synth Support Test

The 4R-140B keyboard stand is for the most part well made with solid aluminum stringers and plastic gaskets to hold the whole thing together. Instructions were adequate, but “certainly could be better” with outdated graphics and limited instructions. Anyone who has put anything together from IKEA shouldn’t have a problem, but certain parts, like the tongue and groove, definitely need some better explaining. Our 4R-140B was supplied with caster wheels, but instead of sturdy wheels, they were made from plastic ingredients that won’t hold up over time if the unit is moved around regularly.

Lots Of Accessories To Support Your Equipment

Once you decide how many tiers you want, as well as the width and height, it’s time to dig into the accessories section. Here you’ll find a multitude of options to suit exactly the equipment you have and how you want to organize it. There are not only several stands to choose from to support your keyboards and modules, but also monitor stands, microphone arms, music and laptop stands, iPad adapters, and even computer monitor templates. This allows the user to fully customize their setup for efficiency and workflow, but you need to be aware of how much weight is loaded onto the Jaspers. The lower level of the 4R-140B can support 40kg, which is enough to drive a large digital mixer, and the upper levels can support 14kg. If you’re worried about loading the 4R-140B too much, you can purchase another support mast.

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