Intel Xeon W9-3495X “Sapphire Rapids” 56-core CPU Achieves Cinebench R23 World Record

Intel has reclaimed the Cinebench benchmark crown on Hwbot with its latest 56-core Xeon W9-3495X “Sapphire Rapids” CPU.

Intel Xeon W9-3495X 56-core “Sapphire Rapids” CPU recaptures Cinebench world record, outperforming 64-core 5995WX by nearly 10% at the same time

For a long time, AMD’s Threadripper Pro 5995WX had reigned on the Cinebench R23 CPU benchmark throne, but that came to an end as Intel reclaimed the top spot with its newly released flagship Xeon W9-3495X Sapphire Rapids.

The Intel Xeon W9-3495X is a giant chip that offers 56 Golden Cove cores, 112 threads, 112 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, 105MB cache and all of that in a 420W MTP package that can draw over 1000 Watts when running. overclocking . The CPU is set to be released for retail soon, but overclockers managed to have fun with the chips in some incredibly powerful motherboards.

The Cinebench breaking feat was accomplished by the OGS team from Greece during the ASUS OC Gathering 2023 who used the ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE, a $1200 US+ motherboard with the Xeon W9-3495X, a chip that costs almost US$6,000. The overclocking team used LN2 to boost the CPU up to 5.4 GHz on all cores using LN2 cooling, which marks an increase of +184.21% over the default clocks. The CPU was paired with 128 GB of the latest Zeta R5 RDIMMs from G.Skill.

Intel’s Xeon W9-3495X achieved an impressive 132484 points in the multi-core Cinebench R23 test, which is an increase of almost 10% over the previous record holder, the Threadripper Pro 5995WX, which achieved 121215 points in the same benchmark. reference. The difference is that while Threadripper ran at the same 5.4 GHz clocks with LN2 cooling, it offers more cores and threads (56/112 vs. 64/128). This goes to show that Intel definitely had the IPC advantage over Zen 3 cores, but with Zen 4 Threadrippers on the horizon, Intel might not be able to hold this throne for long.

In addition to the Cinebench R23 benchmark record, the Intel Xeon W9-3495X also achieved the top position in the 3DMark CPU profile benchmark with a score of 41140 while running at 5.35GHz all-chip using LN2. The overclocking was achieved by ASUS in-house overclocker Elm0r, and surpasses the previous record of 39676 achieved by Threadripper Pro 5995WX.

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