Intel Arc A770 8GB Graphics Card Price Drops To $270 USD, Users Get $500 USD Or More In Included Games And Apps

Intel’s Arc graphics cards seem to be getting some insanely good price cuts recently, starting with the A750 which is officially down to $250 US and now retailers have brought the A770 down to an absolutely stellar $250 price point. 270 US

Intel Arc A770 8GB graphics card now available for $270 USD offers fantastic performance value against the competition

The Intel Arc A750 is already a fantastic option for just $250 USD. It offers exceptional performance value when compared to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 cards and recent driver updates and optimizations have definitely helped Intel not only catch up but deliver better performance across a wide variety of titles while offering best-in-class ray tracing performance.

Now, just a few weeks after the Intel Arc A750 price cuts, it looks like the Intel Arc A770 8GB cards have started getting discounted prices too. On Newegg, one can find the 8 GB ASRock PG (Phantom Gaming) Arc A770 graphics card listed for $269.99 US. That’s just $20 more than the A750 graphics card and an 18% drop from its baseline MSRP of $329.99. For comparison, the 8GB RTX 3060 can be found at its lowest price of $309, while the 8GB RX 6650 XT can be found for $279, which is still 15% and 4% more. taller than the 8 GB Arc A770, respectively.

To entice the deal even more, Intel is bundling the Arc A770 graphics card with 2 games and 5 creative apps that are worth over $490 US. In addition, you also get a $$ “Arc Spring Play and Create Bundle”. 99.99 US That’s over $500 USD value through these creative apps and games that will give you a great deal on your Arc A770 purchase. The graphics card itself is a custom-cooled variant from ASRock that features their dual-slot, triple-fan cooling design that is powered by dual 8-pin connectors.

In addition to the Arc A770, ASRock’s custom Intel Arc A750 8 GB Challenger model is listed at $239.99 USD, which is $10 USD less than the new official MSRP. You also get the same apps and games included with this variant.

This is a retail-specific deal, but it looks like we’ll be getting an official price discount on Arc A770 series cards soon too. If Intel brings the 16GB A770 closer to $299 then it would be a game changer leading Intel to capture a good market share in the mainstream segment.

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