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First thoughts on technology 37.5

The normal core temperature in my world (United States) is considered to be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In scientific and medical terms, that is an approximation and is considered mid-range. In the rest of the world, metric and temperate Celsius, that translates to 37.5 degrees. Technology is constantly evolving! I think we’ve got something here that’s pretty noteworthy, and I feel like it’s revolutionary if it’s wholeheartedly embraced.


I’ve been wearing tech tops and base layers for over 30 years. For the last twelve years, I have been testing and reviewing equipment. Sweat “wicking” (spreading liquid sweat over fabric) has been a driver in moving that moisture away from the body all along.

And now here comes the “mind-blowing” revelation while delving into this technology. Comfort during performance doesn’t come from wicking away that sweat, but from a balance between heat gain and loss. Let that sink in a bit.

37.5 technology is removing vapor from sweat before it turns into that liquid sweat that’s the key to comfort and ultimately performance. In other words, it pulls moisture right next to the skin to maximize evaporative cooling. 37.5 technology removes vapor (before it turns into a liquid) and keeps your core temperature lower or more stable. This, in turn, improves the performance factor.

For the average athlete going out for a typical workout, I really don’t know if the 37.5 technology will be noticeable or obvious right off the bat. When I go for a run, it’s me in nature with a focus to get a good workout. That being said, focused intense speed training could certainly see the benefits of having better “gear”. Plus, if I’m competing in a triathlon race, taking on my friend at the Nordic center, or wanting to up my game at my local Peleton group, I can see the magic in adding this type of clothing. to my arsenal

A deep dive into technology 37.5

Here is some data coming from the 37.5 website:

“A study at CU Boulder recorded up to a 26% increase in athletic performance when wearing thermoregulatory clothing powered by 37.5® Technology.”

I see the occasional call for volunteer participants at CU Boulder for various studies. In fact, I have been in your laboratories for an experiment to study the footprint and the form of running. Therefore, I think they take their research quite seriously. Think about it, it’s a serious claim to be able to go further or harder simply by wearing clothing made with 37.5 technology. That begs the question, what makes it so and how can it be relevant in my world.

Here are some of the features:

  • Natural Active Particles: Ultra-porous volcanic minerals and coconut-derived activated carbon are incorporated into all types of fabrics, insulation, foams, and sheet materials. They have a proprietary process for how they do it, but somehow they pull it off.
  • Developed by people: The human body naturally emits infrared energy which is then absorbed by 37.5 technology in the material. In turn, this energizes the active particles to speed up evaporation and wick moisture away next to the skin.
  • Miniature Pores and Increased Surface Area – There are billions of micropores in the 37.5 active particles. This increases the surface area of ​​the fibers and other materials to wick away moisture in the vapor stage before you break a sweat. Let me repeat that, BEFORE you break a sweat. Wicking sweat simply distributes moisture. 37.5 Technology takes it away.

37.5 Technology in action – Women’s Rossignol Poursuite Nordic

First of all, full disclaimer, my wife is the test subject for tech 37.5. She’s quite the runner, and she’s got a solid 25-year resume and races to prove it.

The Rossignol Poursuite Nordic is an elegant and fitted garment, ideal for Nordic or cross-country skiing. This is one of the most intense forms of exercise you can think of. I participate in cross country skiing, and I can tell you that it is a serious high heart rate workout. You need power, skill and stamina to blast through the cold and varying snow conditions on these fun skinny skis.

However, running would also seem to suffice as a more intense form of exercise that doesn’t require much more than a decent pair of shoes and supportive clothing. It’s a lightweight, form-fitting jacket that allows unrestricted range of motion. And of course, it regulates the temperature and expels that sweat vapor quickly. Additionally, the coat has a durable water repellent and wind resistant finish that repels snow and rain.

37.5 Technology can be found in many products. The following is a select list of uses for this technology, and I expect the list will grow as word spreads.

  • active wear
  • Workwear
  • lifestyle clothing
  • Footwear
  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Household items

Final Thoughts on Technology 37.5

This 37.5 technology is an exciting new way to help regulate your core body temperature. I can certainly see the need for it while actively running, skiing, or hiking. Also, it can help with everyday clothing as well as sleep comfort. The possibilities are endless, I think.

Anyway, from my point of view, I see the benefits of improved performance that I see as a great advantage for maximum performance. I would say, try it yourself to see if there are any noticeable differences.

For more information and 37.5 technology, check out more HERE.

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