How will ChatGPT improve Microsoft Azure?

GPT Chat is now available on Azure

Updated: March 10, 2023 3:56 PM

The future looks bright for Azure OpenAI Service and its customers with the introduction of ChatGPT.

Microsoft’s latest announcement about the availability of ChatGPT in preview mode for Azure OpenAI Service is a game changer in the world of conversational AI.

This development provides more than 1,000 customers with access to the most advanced AI models, backed by Azure’s unique enterprise and supercomputing capabilities.

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Benefits of integrating ChatGPT in Azure

This integration of ChatGPT into Azure OpenAI Service will help developers and enterprises innovate in new ways, enabling them to enable conversational AI in more applications and services.

The ability to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT model into existing cloud applications will enable faster and more efficient customer service resolutions, with the improved ability to handle unexpected queries.

This development brings tremendous potential for developers and businesses to improve customer experiences and interactions with conversational AI technology. With the increasing demand for conversational AI, this is a significant step towards improving the capabilities of AI technology and creating more accessible and intuitive applications.

Azure OpenAI Service offers users three options for integrating ChatGPT into their cloud applications, including Studio, Python, and REST. These options give developers the flexibility to choose the integration method that best suits their application requirements.

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Microsoft’s approach to AI

On March 16, Microsoft will hold an event to demonstrate the integration of ChatGPT AI into Office applications. The event will be attended by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft 365 Director Jared Spataro. The event is anticipated to feature an announcement about the future of working with AI.

As AI continues to transform industries and improve everyday tasks, Microsoft is taking a responsible approach to AI development. The company believes in the importance of ensuring that AI systems are developed ethically and that people can trust them. To that end, it has already implemented AI capabilities in many of its products, including GitHub Copilot, Power BI, and the Bing chatbot.

Now, with the launch of the Azure OpenAI service, Microsoft is enabling businesses to power their applications with AI at scale.

The Azure OpenAI service has already gained more than 1,000 customers using its advanced AI models, such as DALL-E 2, GPT-3.5, and Codex. Soon ChatGPT will also be available on the cloud-based service.

This move will allow developers to embed personalized AI-powered experiences directly into their own apps, such as automating claims processing or enhancing existing bots to handle unexpected questions.

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Pricing and availability of ChatGPT on Azure

ChatGPT is available for preview on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, enabling developers to build AI-powered experiences in their apps.

The cost is $0.002 per 1000 tokens, and billing for ChatGPT usage will start on March 13. Microsoft’s AI-based products, including GitHub Copilot, Power BI, Microsoft Teams Premium, Viva Sales, and Bing chatbot, also use OpenAI models.

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