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In the past decade, many traditional cable TV subscribers have abandoned their subscriptions for online alternatives, and many of the best live TV streaming services provide cable-like options with more convenience, depending on how you like to watch. With so many options online today, PGA Tour fans may wonder how to watch the PGA Tour. There are many events throughout the PGA Tour season, with several different television networks providing coverage depending on the event. This creates many different ways of looking online. But if you’ve moved away from your cable service, prefer the experience of watching on a mobile device, or want to watch events from outside the United States, we’ve tracked down the best ways to watch any PGA Tour. live broadcast

Watch the PGA Tour on FuboTV

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FuboTV is one of the leading TV streaming services for sports fans, giving you access to a wide range of sports networks including ESPN, FS1, FS2, MLB Network, and dozens of college sports channels. But golf fans in particular will like FuboTV’s offerings, which include networks like NBC Golf and the USA Network. It won’t be difficult to track down a live stream of the PGA Tour among the many sports networks that FuboTV offers, and new subscribers can even take advantage of a FuboTV free trial, which will give them a week of free access to the service. FuboTV subscriptions start at $75 per month.

Watch the PGA Tour on Sling TV

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You can watch the PGA Tour on Sling TV through a variety of channels that you can find on the all-in-one service. This includes networks like ESPN and the USA Network, two of the television networks where you can often find a live broadcast of the PGA Tour. Golf lovers should really enjoy what Sling TV has to offer, as its basic subscription plans will give you plenty of golf through the many sports networks included, and The Golf Channel is even available as an add-on to your subscription. Sling TV’s basic plans start at $40 per month, and first-time subscribers often qualify for a 50% discount for a month.

Watch the PGA Tour on ESPN Plus

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While it doesn’t always feature comprehensive coverage of PGA Tour events, ESPN Plus is a great complement to PGA Tour coverage. Their offerings are a bit more tailored to people who like to watch the PGA Tour in specific ways, like featured holes in certain events or featured groups. ESPN Plus doesn’t cover every event on the PGA Tour, but it does have a ton of additional sports coverage that makes the $10 per month subscription worth it. This includes NCAA basketball games, XFL football games, and UFC fights. Access to the ESPN sports documentary series 30 for 30 is included with a subscription, as is access to hours and hours of additional original programming from ESPN. There’s no ESPN Plus free trial to take advantage of, but ESPN Plus is included at a discount as part of the Disney package, which gives you access to Disney+ and Hulu in addition to ESPN+, and starts at $13 per month.

Watch the PGA Tour on Peacock TV

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Another great streaming service to watch a live stream of the PGA Tour is Peacock TV. NBC covers a large number of PGA Tour events throughout the season, and Peacock TV is their online streaming platform. NBC regularly uses the service to provide online coverage of its sporting events, making PGA Tour coverage almost a guarantee if NBC is covering broadcast television. Golf lovers can especially enjoy a subscription to Peacock TV, which starts at just $5 per month, as in addition to coverage of PGA Tour events, the service offers access to golf documentaries, series like School of Golf and always-on channels like GolfPass. .

Watch the PGA Tour at Paramount Plus

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Paramount Plus doesn’t offer much access to PGA Tour events, as it’s a CBS-owned streaming platform, and CBS doesn’t cover many PGA Tour events during the season. It has coverage of perhaps the biggest golf event of the year, The Masters, and you can often access the live stream via Paramount Plus, as a subscription provides access to your local CBS station. And while Paramount Plus may be best known for its original movies and series like Yellowstone, it’s a good streaming service for sports lovers, as for just $5 per month it will give you access to NFL coverage, games hockey, football games and much more. further.

Watch the PGA Tour on Hulu with Live TV

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Hulu is one of the original TV streaming services and remains one of the most popular, offering a huge library of on-demand content. One of their premium offerings is Hulu with Live TV, which brings live TV into your home with a subscription. This includes access to various channels that will allow you to watch the PGA Tour online. USA Network, Golf Channel, CBS, ESPN and NBC are part of the package. Hulu with Live TV does not have a free trial itself, but there is a Hulu free trial. You can use a Hulu free trial to see if you like the platform and to get an idea of ​​what kind of content is available on the platform. If you like it, you can dive into a Hulu subscription with Live TV for $70 a month.

Watch the PGA Tour on YouTube with live TV

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YouTube TV rounds out the online options for watching a live stream of the PGA Tour, and it’s one of the best places to do it. YouTube TV offers more than 100 channels as part of its service, including networks like ESPN, NBC, CBS, and the USA Network. These are most of the networks you need to watch PGA Tour events throughout the season, and general sports fans will love the inclusion of channels like Fox Sports and NBC Sports. YouTube TV starts at just $65 per month.

Watch the PGA Tour from abroad with a VPN

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As if the vast array of streaming options doesn’t make it difficult to follow a live PGA Tour broadcast, travelers will often find another complication. There are almost always geo-restrictions for PGA Tour events, but one way to get around them is with a virtual private network or VPN. Combining a VPN with a streaming service like FuboTV will make watching the PGA Tour outside of the United States a much simpler process, allowing you to watch it from anywhere in the world just as you would if you were at home. NordVPN is at the top of the list of best VPN services, and signing up for the service is very affordable. NordVPN is often discounted, and you can even use the service completely free for a month with a NordVPN free trial.

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