How to record gameplay on PC without lag on Windows 11/10?

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Some players want memories to last forever and some want others to see their game. For these reasons, you should record gameplay, and it’s only better if the recording is smooth, has great frame rates, and doesn’t have LAG. For this mission, you need a good game recorder and the iTop Game Recorder for Windows 11/10 is the best.

We’ll review iTop Screen Recorder and learn more about the issues with typical game recording.

Why does your game lag while recording?

There are many reasons for not achieving the smooth recording you want. It can be hardware related and it can also be a software issue. All the common issues involved in a delayed gameplay recording are these:

  • Insufficient PC Specs: The burning process demands a lot of computer resources such as CPU, GPU, and RAM. If the PC specifications are insufficient, it may cause a delay during recording.
  • Outdated Drivers: A graphics card driver is essential for Windows systems to communicate with graphics cards efficiently. Outdated graphics card drivers can cause performance issues, including lag while recording.
  • Background processes: Typically, the Windows operating system is very extensive, and several services and processes run simultaneously. Running multiple background processes, such as antivirus software or other resource-intensive applications, can cause delays during recording.
  • Network problems: If the recording process is done over a network, network issues such as slow speeds or high latency can cause delays during recording.
  • Poor recording software: Poor software is the most common lag issue. It is the most critical aspect of smooth video recording. Most of the software on the market is rubbish because the software is not optimized and inefficient with the hardware of the machine. iTop Screen Recorder with Audio It is a strong suggestion for gaming fans as it is not only highly optimized but runs in the background like butter, giving you smooth gameplay recording.

Improve Game Recording Using iTop Screen Recorder

Here are some tips that serve as the icing on the cake and greatly improve recording gameplay using an iBest Game Recorder on Windows 11/10!

  • First, you have to close any unnecessary programs before starting your game. It is because the unnecessary programs reduce the performance of the machine.
  • Second, keep your graphics card drivers up to date, as each update has benefits.
  • Lastly, provide an allocation with enough space for the game because it helps improve performance.

Record your gameplay with iTop Screen Recorder without delay

This is a brief guide to set it up with iTop Screen Recorder.

Download and install the software.

Step 1: You need to go to the iTop website to download and install the screen recording software. It’s free.

Configure software settings for optimal performance

Step 2: After completing the configuration and finishing the installation. Open the iTop Game Screen Recorder.

Step 3: When you open iTop Screen Recorder, you will see the main interface. There you can configure the type of window you want.

It can be full screen, Windows specific, and custom regions. Interestingly, you can choose between system sound, microphone, or both. You can also set more audio and video settings as per your wish.

Choose recording mode: full screen, window or custom area

Stage 4: You are presented with full screen, window or custom area options in iTop recorder settings. You need to set the desired option to get your favorite results.

record the game

Step 5: Once you have configured the settings of your choice, you need to start the game now. You can press the red record button or F9 to start or stop the video.

Play the game

Step 6: Play the game and show everything you have. Don’t worry; let iTop recorder capture your skills in the best possible way.

stop recording

Step 7: When you stop recording using hotkeys (F9 to stop or F10 or stop/resume), you are prompted to choose the file type (MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.). You can choose your comfortable file type and download the game recording.


It is not impossible to play the game and make a smooth recording simultaneously. More importantly, it would help if you had the right tool for your job and the right iTop Screen Recorder is the answer. It has tons of features like you can add your custom watermark. It has basic features for video and audio setup as well as being highly optimized and efficient.

With it, you can save the exciting moments of the game in any way you like!

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