How to convert DMG to ISO on Windows 11/10?

Are you looking for a solution to convert a DMG file to ISO format in Windows 11/10? If so, this post will interest you. Here, we will show two different methods to easily convert DMG to ISO on your Windows PC. So, let’s take a look.

Is ISO the same as DMG?

ISO and DMG are two different image formats that are used on different platforms. ISO is an uncompressed disk image file format that is native to the Windows operating system. It consists of the data stored on a CD, DVD, Blu-ray or some other optical disc. On the other hand, DMG is a disk image file from Apple that is used by the macOS operating system. It contains a copy of compressed software installers, disk, folder and other content.

How to convert DMG to free Windows ISO?

To convert DMG to ISO for free on Windows, you can use a free GUI-based application like AnyToISO. Other than that, you can also try a command line tool called dmg2img with which you can convert DMG to ISO in command prompt through a simple command. We’ve discussed these converters in detail below, so take a look.

Convert DMG to ISO on Windows 11/10

Basically, there are two methods to convert DMG to ISO, which are as follows:

  1. Convert DMG to ISO using GUI based conversion software.
  2. Use command prompt to convert DMG to ISO.

1]Convert DMG to ISO using GUI-based conversion software

You can use third-party GUI-based software to convert DMG file to ISO format on Windows 11/10. There are several programs available on the Internet that allow you to perform such a conversion. However, there are only few free DMG to ISO converter software that you can use like AnyToISO.

AnyToISO is a popular free software that allows you to convert DMG to ISO. Using it, you can convert various other image and file formats to ISO files. These are the input file formats that you can convert through it: 7Z, BIN, RAR, DAA, DEB, IMG, ISZ, MDF, NRG, PKG, RAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, XAR, ZIP, etc

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How to convert DMG to ISO using AnyToISO?

To use it, download and install the app on your PC and then launch it. After that, go to File Extraction/Convert to ISO tab and choose the input DMG file that you need to convert to ISO.

Now, provide the path to the output ISO file by pressing the Open ISO button. And finally, tap on the Convert button to start the DMG to ISO conversion process. As simple as that.

You can also convert DMG to ISO directly from the context menu of the input DMG files. This software integrates into Windows Explorer and can be accessed directly from the context menu of the supported input files. Then, just right-click on the DMG files and select the Convert to “file-name.iso” option to perform the conversion. The “filename” is replaced with the actual filename of the input DMG file.

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2]Use Command Prompt to Convert DMG to ISO

You can also use Command Prompt to convert DMG files to ISO format. To do that you can use this third party tool called dmg2img. It is a free command line tool that allows you to convert DMG to IMG. However, you can also convert DMG to ISO using it. You need to enter a simple command to do that. Let’s see a step by step procedure.

How to convert DMG to ISO using command prompt?

First of all, you need to download the dmg2img executable from its official website. After that, extract the downloaded ZIP folder.

Now, open the command prompt window and navigate to the folder where the dmg2img.exe file is located.

After that, enter a command similar to the following:

dmg2img InputDMGFilenameWithPath OutputISOFilenameWithPath

For example, your command should look like the one we’ve used in our tests:

dmg2img C:\Users\sriva\Downloads\flameshot.dmg C:\Users\sriva\Downloads\flameshot.iso

Once you have finished typing the above command, press Enter to execute it. Your DMG file will now be converted to ISO format in a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of the input DMG file.

So, if you are familiar with using command line tools, you can use this command-based software to convert small and large DMG files to ISO format via command prompt. You can download it from here.

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