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You’ve traversed the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, been to that galaxy far, far away multiple times, and devoured every Pixar movie, all 34 seasons of The Simpsonsand everything else Disney Plus has to offer. Now, you’ve decided you’re done. Or maybe you just want to save a little money for a while.

Whatever your reasons, if it’s time to delete your Disney Plus account, the process is relatively straightforward. Actually, the only thing that will make the steps different for each user is which devices you used to create a Disney+ account in the first place.

We’ve put together this guide to show you how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription, as well as your entire Disney account. That is how.

How to cancel Disney+ on your computer

Use these instructions if you registered using a PC instead of an iOS or Android device.

Step 1: Sign in to your Disney+ account on the Disney+ website.

Step 2: Select or hover over the Profile icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Choose Account from the drop down menu.

Stage 4: Low Subscriptionselect the subscription you want to cancel.

Step 5: Choose the Cancel subscription link.

Step 6: Enter a reason for the cancellation. Then select Continue Cancel.

Disney+ on Google Play

How to cancel via Google Play

Use these instructions if you signed up using the Disney+ app for Android.

Step 1: Open the Google Play store.

Step 2: Select the three line menu icon in the upper left corner.

Step 3: Choose subscriptions. then choose Disney+.

Stage 4: Select Cancel subscription.

Disney+ in the app store

How to cancel via iOS or iPadOS

Use these instructions if you signed up using the Disney+ app for Apple-branded devices.

Step 1: Open the settings app on your iOS device. Then select your Name/Apple ID.

Step 2: Choose subscriptions.

Step 3: Select Disney+. then choose Cancel subscription.

After canceling Disney+

You will be able to access Disney+ until the end of your current subscription period.

Looking for a refund to your credit card? Unfortunately, Disney+ doesn’t offer them for partially used billing services, but at least you won’t see a cancellation fee.

Even after you cancel, your general Disney account (which the site creates when you sign up for Disney+ and is used across all Disney websites) will still be active. There is no problem with this account still existing, although you will still receive promotional emails. If you would like to cancel your Disney account entirely, please do the following:

Step 1: Go to the Disney Privacy Controls page.

Step 2: Sign in using the link below Manage your registration account.

Step 3: This page will allow you to change your notification preferences, such as what emails you receive and how often you receive them. Or you can completely cancel your Disney account.

Please note that deleting your Disney account will not automatically cancel your Disney+ subscription, but it will prevent you from signing in to Disney+.

So if you’re trying to close your entire Disney account, end your Disney+ subscription before you cancel your personal Disney account. If not, you’ll have to call Disney’s customer service department to sort things out.

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