How to Beat Zhang Liang, Wo Long: The First Boss of Fallen Dynasty

The first boss you face in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Zhang Liang, but don’t let that fool you into thinking defeating him will be easy. In fact, he’s arguably the toughest enemy you’ll face in the entire early game, essentially acting as a wall that players have to break down by embracing Wo Long’s offense-focused combat mechanics.

If you’re struggling to take him down, the tips, tricks, and strategies in this boss guide will help you approach the battle with the right mindset and give Zhang Liang the beating he deserves. Once you understand what Wo Long wants you to do, you’ll be defeating this boss in no time.

Wo Long: Zhang Liang Phase 1

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The first phase of the fight encourages him to dynamically switch between offense and defense, as Zhang Liang punishes both turtles and recklessness. This is something you’ll need to do for the rest of the game, so it’s essentially a brutal tutorial for Wo Long’s combat. Here are some tips to help you get through the initial stage.

  • Avoid the turtles and constantly keep the block. Zhang Liang will quickly deplete your guard if you do this, and even if you deflect attacks from him endlessly, you’ll never get anywhere without retaliating with your own attacks.
  • Focus on deflecting Zhang Liang’s attacks, then follow up with a few of your own afterward.. In addition to dealing damage to the boss’s HP bar, this restores any spirit you may have lost defending yourself and removes Zhang Liang’s.
  • When you’re in high spirits, try launching a spirit attack after deflecting one of the boss’s moves.. This lowers his spirit gauge and makes it easier to deplete, leaving Zhang Liang open to a critical hit from Fatal Blow.
  • Don’t get greedy; be ready to deflect again after landing a few hits. Being aggressive is important, but so is going back on defense when you see the boss finish off with retaliatory attacks.
  • The first critical hit to look out for is a mid-range melee charge. Wait until Zhang Liang is about to run into you, then dodge to deflect him.. As a reminder, Critical Hits are unlockable attacks that glow dark red, deal heavy damage to you, and reduce your morale range by one when they land. However, deflecting them deals heavy spirit damage and leaves your opponent open to counterattacks.
  • The second critical hit the boss can do is a close range hit that the boss ends for a second. Wait until the clearing is over to deflect the attack.. If you try to deflect too early, you’ll just dodge and then get hit by the move.
  • After dealing a fatal blow to Zhang Liang, hit him with a follow-up martial arts attack while he recovers.. This is a great way to deal extra damage, and since it takes a few seconds for the boss to get up after taking a Fatal Strike, it’s also very safe to do so.

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