Honey Stinger’s new pre-workout bar

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First shot of the Honey Stinger pre-workout bar

Honey Stinger is known for those amazing waffles. I’m from the Netherlands and I grew up on Stroopwafels. Those are the real deal in my opinion, especially the ones fresh from the weekly market. That being said, Honey Stinger waffles are a comparable treat from a look and taste standpoint, and have been a mainstay in my sports diet for years.

Therefore, I am excited to share that they are now launching a new pre-workout bar. Many of us, myself included, go out early in the morning to ride our bikes or run without any fuel. Correction, I usually take a sip of espresso with a dash of maple syrup. And if I remember, I peel that banana on the way to the meeting point. I always come home hungry and throw away everything I can find. Here is the smarter fuel!

The Big Reveal

Backbone Media is the public relations firm representing Honey Stinger. They and a wonderful group of Honey Stinger employees invited me along with many other media outlets to present, discuss and promote the virtues of a well-functioning bar before heading out for their particular sport. This day, for many, was just a few ski sessions up and down groomed slopes before it opened up to the masses.

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We all gathered very early for this opening at the Eldora Ski Resort in Nederland, CO. This is more of a local ski hill that lacks the glitz and glamor of the big Colorado ski resorts. And they like it that way! Don’t be fooled by the term local ski hill. It is a legitimate place to recreate on many levels. If you’re reading this from the Midwest and East of the country, you’ll be amazed at its size and super fluffy snow conditions.

There was a good group of people representing local, state and national media outlets that focus on all things “outdoors”. I wouldn’t consider myself media in the traditional sense, but I am an athlete and I review equipment from a practical point of view. And as you can imagine, I also take various forms of fuel when I hit the roads, paths, trails, lakes, mountains, etc. That’s why Honey Stinger’s pre-workout bar really speaks to me.

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I talked to some dietitians who were there and they work with a lot of athletes. Their main complaint is that they can’t get anyone to eat anything before their workouts. This bar should help solve that problem. I’ll definitely give it a try over the next few weeks (and months) to see how it affects my performance.

honey sting

Honey Stinger’s Pre-Workout Bar Put To The Test

I want to see how this pre-workout bar can help me in my athletic passions. Therefore, Honey Stinger and its line of products are very useful. I had a Pre-Workout bar right then and there during the presentation, since I hadn’t had breakfast. Right after the presentation, I did a 6-mile Nordic skiing, which is a huge calorie burner. I had another one of the bars early in my trip on the groomed trails. It was an absolutely beautiful Colorado Blue Bird day as I skated and slid up and down the trails amid snow covered trees.

My experience was quite euphoric! I worked hard on the undulating terrain with solid efforts on the many climbs. I never had hunger pangs and went through the entire circuit feeling strong.

This 190-calorie bar is made of oats and honey on the inside, and the outside is rolled in caramel and oats. Honey Stinger is from beautiful Steamboat, Colorado. Quite an idyllic location from an active and sporty outdoor perspective. I’m sure they have the ultimate proving ground. It doesn’t matter, the entire state is a true recreational and sports paradise, and Eldora was my perfect proving ground.

I ate one before swimming and crushed a 2000 meter workout.

Final Thoughts on the Honey Stinger Pre-Workout Bar

Honey Stinger is adding diversity and a new angle to its nutritional offering. I’m impressed with the bar. It has given me an edge during my workouts the past few weeks, and I will continue to look at how I can dial in my nutrition based on my athletic goals for the day.

For more information on the new bar and other Honey Stinger products, visit www.honeystinger.com. The new Honey Stinger bars can be found at all major retailers including supermarkets, convenience stores, sports retailers and many online sites such as www.rei.com/honeystinger and www.amazon.com/honeystinger.

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