Helping people on a ship stuck in a foreign land and other ways Bing has proven itself.

In a drama-like setting, Bing helped some people in a stuck boat in France by giving them instant solutions and suggestions that usually take time for someone to find in a conventional search process. After this, other people started sharing their experiences with Bing and how their chatbot has helped them in different practical ways related to day-to-day problems.

Bing is still far from perfect. He lobotomized sydney and continually surfacing affairs with Bing try that. However, some people shared how the chatbot can be very helpful if used correctly. In a recent story shared on Reddit, a user named crabanguish narrated how Bing helped them in a difficult situation after they found their boat stuck in the waterways of France. With little knowledge of the French language and being a foreigner in the area, the user described how difficult it was to get help.

I had an emergency in central France on my boat: Bing helped where people couldn’t from bing

“We tried to watch Youtube videos to find a solution,” angusthecrab said. “We tried to catch passers-by who might help, but we don’t speak much French so it was difficult. I even contacted the tourist services who were very helpful at first but then stopped communicating with us. I had emailed so many people that I had almost given up hope and thought we would have to jump ship and go find a mechanic who could travel. I tried calling but most people had a hard time understanding what I was asking in my bad French and hung up.”

Due to the desperate timing, the user shared how the group turned to Bing, “which up until this point I had used as a toy chatbot to play games with.” According to angusthecrab, the chatbot (in balanced mode) provided helpful hints and instant fixes for the situation, including troubleshooting the ship’s engine; recommendations of spare parts retailers in France; write an email to a mechanic in French; provide public contact details for a port owner, the local canal association and the council; and more.

“The mind is blown by how practical this can be,” the Reddit user added. “We would never have found half of that information just by asking or using Google because of the language barrier, and the rest would have taken much longer.”

The story caught the attention of other users, who began sharing their experiences on how the chatbot helped them in different ways, from identifying problems across multiple devices, helping them fill out forms, performing searches and translations simultaneously, and more.

“The other day I asked Bing to find Vietnamese movies for A1 speakers using Vietnamese and translate the results to English for me so I could understand them,” shared a Reddit user. “He did his searches in Vietnamese, found relevant search results in Vietnamese, and sent me the results in English. It was probably one of the most impressive GPT experiences I’ve ever had.”

“…I’ve already used Bing to help me find the right program to use on a washing machine, where before I only found PDFs of the manual that I had to review, which sometimes didn’t even include details about the machine. programs,” said another user. “He even translated the program names from English into the language of the machine’s menus. I’ve been able to find the same information before, with ‘old-fashioned’ searches, but it would include a lot of manually sifting through the results trying to find the information I was looking for. Basically, Bing allows me to skip 90% of the work by browsing everything for me.”

The experiences help create a good image for Bing, which might please Microsoft as it continually tries to promote it as a useful tool for different use cases. However, it is undeniable that the bot is still prone to problems, which explains the endless defective Bing “aware” judgment that different users are sharing. However, as others have previously stressed, Bing is just software and a good example of a mirror test between individuals. It can be a useful tool if we want it to be used that way, but it can also be a cursed product if we provoke it and push it to respond in a despicable way.

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