New Halo Infinite Update Adds Noble Intention Event, Forge Matchmaking Playlist

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  • A surprise Halo Infinite update has arrived, kicking off a new free event called Noble Intention and adding a new Forge playlist to matchmaking.
  • The event is based on the Halo: Reach concept characters Rosenda-A344 and Thom-A293, and allows players to earn their armor, as well as additional armor pieces, skins, and a new 10-tier event pass pose from noble intention.
  • The Forge playlist, meanwhile, includes four community-created Forge Arena maps: Perilous, Starboard, Salvation, and Absolution.
  • Noble Intention is scheduled to last until February 21, giving players two weeks to earn the event rewards.

Update 2:41 p.m. ET: We previously reported that the update was only adding a Forge playlist to matchmaking, as Halo Infinite glitch prevented the Noble Intention event from appearing correctly in-game. We have since updated the article with details of the event.

A surprise Halo Infinite update has kicked off a new free event titled Noble Intention, complete with a 10-tier event pass from which players can earn a variety of new rewards. The event was paired with a matchmaking Community Collection playlist featuring various Forge maps created by the in-game community.

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