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Grammarly announced today that it’s (unsurprisingly) jumping into the generative AI fray. GrammarlyGo is an upcoming set of self-composing features to help AI review software keep up with the many companies adding the ChatGPT API (or different generative AI backends) to their products.

GrammarlyGo can use context like voice, style, purpose, and where you’re writing to determine your approach. So, for example, you can spit out email responses, shorten passages, rewrite them for tone and clarity, brainstorm, or choose from one-click prompts, all while adhering to your company voice or other provided context. Also, since Grammarly’s desktop service can appear in any text field on your computer, its generative typing might be a bit more convenient than competitors (like Notion or Gmail’s Smart Compose) that require you to visit an app. or website. The company says that GrammarlyGo will be enabled by default for people, and you can toggle it on in the settings.

Grammarly justifies the existence of the feature by saying that most people’s writing can be better and faster. “People today are spending too much time trying to communicate the right way, while poor communication is sapping productivity and business performance,” the company wrote in an announcement post. “GrammarlyGO will address this problem by rapidly generating highly relevant text with an understanding of personal voice and brand style, context and intent, saving individuals and businesses time while will take into account your unique needs.” I’m not sure what to make of a world where no one writes anything but ads for machines, but more and more that seems to be where we’re headed.

GrammarlyGo will be included with the Grammarly service at no additional cost. The company says it will soon add the AI ​​typing feature to its Premium, Business, Education and Developer plans, and free plans “in select markets.” The beta version of GrammarlyGo will start rolling out in April.

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