GPT-4 has just been announced and Microsoft confirmed that it powers the new Bing

what you need to know

  • Microsoft has just confirmed that the new Bing works with GPT-4.
  • GPT-4 is a major improvement over GPT-3.5, which is what has propelled ChatGPT to this point.
  • Bing brings together data from the GPT-4 model and Bing to quickly generate responses that are based on real-time information.

Microsoft announced the new Bing powered by ChatGPT earlier this year. The revamped search engine and several of its artificial intelligence tools use OpenAI technology to answer questions and generate content. Now, Microsoft has confirmed that the new Bing works with GPT-4.

Before Microsoft’s official announcement of the new Bing, there was speculation that GPT-4 would power the search engine. However, Microsoft did not state that this was the case. It seems that it was because GPT-4 was not ready to be announced. That changed when OpenAI announced GPT-4 today.

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