Google’s first Pixel feature drop of 2023 is official. this is the new

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Google announced Monday that its first Pixel feature drop of 2023 is starting to roll out for Pixel phones and Pixel Watch.

Google’s line of Pixel phones is benefiting the most from the feature drop, as the Android maker brings a handful of features to older Pixel models that have been exclusive to newer Pixel models. For example, him pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro will have the same improved speed of the pixels 7 Low light Night Sight camera mode.

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Google already announced that its Magic Eraser feature, which you can use to remove unwanted objects or people from a photo, is rolling out to Google One subscribers, regardless of what phone they’re using. Part of that same announcement was that Google made Magic Eraser available to all Pixel users, with or without a One subscription.

New Pixel Feature Screenshots


Direct My Call, a feature that helps you navigate phone trees when calling toll-free numbers, is now available on the pixel 4a or newer. You’ll also start to see any timers you’ve set on your Pixel device displayed across all your Pixel devices. For example, if you set a timer on a nest centerit will also appear on your Pixel phone.

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Plus, Health Connect, Google’s app to help you manage your private data with compatible health and fitness apps, is included with the latest Pixel update. Previously, the app was in beta and had to download itself.

The feature drop is part of Google’s March Pixel update, so you’ll need to download and install the latest system update and update your apps on the Play Store to access the new features and capabilities.

Fall detection notification on Pixel Watch


Technically, the Pixel Watch update that includes fall detection started rolling out at the end of February. However, Google is considering that update as part of a broader feature drop for the entire line of Pixel hardware. Fall detection on the Pixel Watch will monitor for hard falls, and when one is detected, it will ask you if you’re okay. If there is no response, or you indicate that you need help, the watch will call emergency services for you.

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To access fall detection, make sure your Pixel Watch is up to date by opening the Settings app on the watch itself, then System > system updates. You will want to have your watch on its charger to complete the update. Also, you’ll want to make sure all the apps installed on your watch are up to date; You can do this by opening the Play Store app on the watch and managing your apps.

While not part of the feature drop, Google’s high-end wireless headphones, the Pixel Buds Prorecently received a firmware update to enable Spatial Audio, a feature that adds movement and depth to audio, such as when watching a movie or TV show or listening to compatible songs.

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The update began rolling out in early March for Pixel Bud Pro owners who have a Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 phone. You’ll need to update your Buds Pro to firmware version 4.3 before Spatial Audio and head tracking are available. .

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