Google Workspace gets a colossal AI boost with awesome new generative features for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

what you need to know

  • Google just announced several AI features that are on the way to Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and other Google services.
  • AI will be able to summarize content, create suggestions, and rewrite content to help users.
  • Google and Microsoft compete with each other in many areas, including the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.
  • The news comes ahead of Microsoft’s announcement later this week in an obvious attempt to outdo the latter’s advantage in consumer AI.

Google has just announced a new set of AI features for its productivity suite. Gmail and Google Docs will receive the first wave of preview features later this month. More experiences will come to other products in the future.

The features introduced today closely resemble capabilities Microsoft and OpenAI have been working on, such as generating text, composing email, and generating meeting notes. The parallels shouldn’t be surprising, as both Google and Microsoft (in partnership with OpenAI) rush to compete in the consumer AI space.

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