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4K TVs are getting cheaper. You can buy a pretty big and beautiful TV for a reasonable price these days. Grab this 55-inch Sony X75K. It’s down to just $450 at Best Buy. If it’s time to upgrade your home theater system, but you don’t want to spend your entire paycheck on it, grab this deal before it’s gone.

Why you should buy the Sony X75K 55-inch 4K TV

Powered by the brand’s 4K X1 processor, the Sony X75K 4K TV offers 4K Ultra HD resolution so you can watch your favorite shows and movies in clear detail, rich color and detailed contrast. The TV is also capable of upscaling all content to near 4K quality, allowing you to further maximize your big screen. However, you’ll need to check out our guide on what size TV to buy if the place you want to put it can fit a 55-inch screen; If so, then the Sony X75K 4K TV will be the perfect choice.

Like the best TVs, the Sony X75K 4K TV is a smart TV. It runs on the Google TV platform, giving you easy access to all the popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. The Google TV interface brings together all your favorite content in one place, but also selects suggestions for shows and movies you might like, based on your viewing habits. The platform also enables support for the Google Assistant, which will let you use voice commands to start searches, control playback, and even check other smart home devices on your network.

Here’s one of the best TV deals you can buy right now: the extremely well-reviewed Sony X75K 55-inch 4K TV for just $450 from Best Buy, for a savings of $100 off its original price of $550. perfect for your living room, bedroom, or anywhere in the house with enough space, but you’ll need to buy the Sony X75K 55-inch 4K TV ASAP if you want to get it at a discount.

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