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The Premier League is in full swing this weekend and football fans won’t want to miss Fulham vs Arsenal. With online streaming services now dominating sports, it can be a bit difficult to track which streaming service has which game. Many of the best live TV streaming services will not be able to offer the Fulham vs Arsenal live stream as there is no TV broadcast of the game. However, the independent streaming service Peacock TV has the Fulham vs Arsenal live stream and plenty of reasons why it’s worth subscribing to watch. Read on for more details on how to watch Fulham vs Arsenal on Peacock TV and how to watch the game if you’re traveling abroad.

Watch the Fulham vs Arsenal live stream on Peacock TV

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With the Fulham vs Arsenal game only available to watch on Peacock TV, you may be wondering if it’s worth subscribing to a standalone streaming service for just a few football games. In fact, Peacock is a great streaming service for sports lovers, giving you access to many soccer games in addition to NBC’s online coverage of Sunday Night Football, PGA Tour events, and WWE events. All of Peacock’s best shows are part of a subscription, and while there’s no free trial of Peacock TV, a monthly subscription is just $5 per month. This is well worth it for access to the Fulham vs Arsenal live stream, and it’s even more worth it when you consider that you’ll have access to all the new content on Peacock right now.

Watch Fulham vs Arsenal live stream from abroad with a VPN

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Travelers may run into some issues when trying to access the Fulham vs Arsenal live stream on Peacock TV, as many streaming platforms place geo-restrictions on live sporting events. This will almost certainly be the case for the Fulham vs Arsenal game, but you can bypass these restrictions with a virtual private network or VPN. A VPN, in combination with your Peacock TV subscription, will allow you to access the game from anywhere, just like you would at home. We think NordVPN is at the top of the list when it comes to the best VPN services. NordVPN prices its service very affordably, and it even has discounts almost all the time. You can even use NordVPN for free for a month with a NordVPN free trial.

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