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The latest model in the elegant Apple macbook air The line is here, and we’ve named it the best overall laptop on the market right now for most people. Equipped with new state-of-the-art technology m2 processorIt’s lightweight and powerful, though it’s not the most affordable model around with a starting price of $1,199. But while deals on Apple’s latest devices aren’t exactly common, there are some discounts available that can knock as much as $150 off the asking price.

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The M2 chip inside enables a performance boost of up to 40% and a battery life of up to 18 hours, according to Apple. It also has a slightly larger screen than the previous generation model, up to 13.6 inches from 13.3 inches.

However, all these improvements come at a cost, since the MacBook Air M2 Price it starts at $100 more than its predecessor. For that reason, it’s worth trying to get a MacBook Air M2 deal whenever possible. We’re on top of each and every one of the MacBook Air M2 savings we see below.

Best MacBook Air M2 deals

B&H is offering the best available discount on the MacBook Air M2 right now, and has shaved $150 off the midnight color variant, bringing the starting price down to $1,049. The retailer also offers a great way to save on sales tax, with its own B&H Payboo credit card that gives you tax back in cash. On a purchase as large as a MacBook Air, that could be a fair bit of change.

Some configurations are currently out of stock on Amazon, but if you’re looking for the space gray color variant, you can save $50 on the base 256GB model or $80 on the 512GB model, bringing prices down to $1,149 and $1,419.

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Apple is notorious for not offering direct discounts, but its education store offers a cheaper price of $100, plus discounted AppleCare coverage. If you’re not a student, you can still save by trading in your old MacBook (or any Apple device) for credit against your new one, or by using your Apple Card to spread the cost of your purchase while earning 3% cash back .

In the past, we’ve seen Best Buy offer up to $200 off the MacBook Air M2, but there are no discounts available at this time. The retailer has tons of different configurations in stock and has its own trade-in program, where you can save hundreds on your old laptop from Apple, Microsoft, HP, and other brands.

You are receiving price alerts for MacBook Air M2 (Starlight, 256 GB, 8 cores)

Adorama has offered direct discounts on the new MacBook Air M2 in the past, but doesn’t currently have any available. However, the retailer does have its Adorama Rewards program, which is free to sign up for and allows you to earn points to redeem as credit toward future purchases.

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