Get a discounted Pi pizza oven and get a free gas burner

Solo Stove has long been a CNET favorite for company campfires, but if you’re looking to make pizza in your own backyard (or anywhere you travel), you might want to check out Solo Stove’s Pi Pizza Oven. . It’s a portable option that uses wood or gas to cook custom pizzas whenever you want, and right now you can get a free gas burner when you buy a Pi during its anniversary sale. That’s a $175 value. And the oven itself is also discounted, bringing the price to only $440 and saving you a total value of $360. This offer is available from now until March 12, so order soon to take advantage of this offer.

The Pi Pizza Oven is easy to use, and the free gas burner adds an extra layer of convenience so you can use propane instead of wood to save time and the hassle of cleanup. The company recommends placing the Pi on a waist-high surface that can handle the heat, such as granite, brick, tile, masonry, or unfinished wood. And once you’re done, you can make anything from personal pizzas to 12-inch pies, and you should be able to turn out about three to four pizzas an hour. Plus, it can run for up to three hours when cooking wood-fired pizza or as long as your propane tank has fuel, making the free gas burner a great option for all-day events.

Packages are also available, with the Pi Ultimate Package coming in at $850 right now. That’s a savings of $420 off regular price, and with the added gas burner, you’ll save a total value of $595. The kit includes the Pi Pizza oven add-on and gas burner, plus a stand, pizza stone, stainless steel peel, bamboo peel, stainless steel turner, pizza cutter, and pizza cover. cover the oven when it is not on. wear. See all the options available in single stove to find the perfect fit for your budget and needs during this sale.

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