Keegan-Michael Key on finding the voice of Toad for the Mario Bros. movie

Actor Keegan-Michael Key voices Toad in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, but how did he find the little creature’s voice? In an interview with Fandango, Key said that he tried to channel a friend of his and took it to the film’s directors as a starting point.

The idea was to “almost pretend she was sucking on a helium balloon”, with the goal of feeling like she was “tweaking” the sound of her voice to make it louder. After testing her voice, Key received a note that she should be even taller, so she went on and on.

“Trying to get as high as possible and still have a certain level of comfort within the voice. It was a really fun exploratory experience to try to find the right place and try to get those rhythms in a place where it felt like it was possible.” “. to be Toad, but kind of a new version of Toad at the same time,” Key said.

The full interview is fun and also includes the actors who play Mario (Chris Pratt), Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen), Bowser (Jack Black) and Luigi (Charlie Day) talking about their experience making the movie. Black and Day joke about channeling Christian Bale to get into character, and the actors also discuss some of the video game Easter eggs viewers can look forward to.

The most recent trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie arrived on March 9 and teased a lot of action and mayhem to come.

Following a delay from 2022, the film hits theaters on April 5. The current highest-grossing video game movie of all time is Warcraft with $439 million. There are no tracking estimates available for The Super Mario Bros. Movie yet, but given the star power and popularity of the Mario series, the film is expected to hit big box office numbers.

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