Bungie Outlines Upcoming Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner Changes

Bungie’s latest developer blog outlines events coming to Destiny 2, including Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner. Trials of Osiris returns from hiatus on Friday and restarts on Tuesday, March 21. Next week features the Iron Banner mode, Control, followed by Eruption in week 6 and Fortress in week 9. Here’s a quick rundown of what the new events introduce to the game. .

Trials no longer has a Freelance node, so it’s just Matchmaking Fireteam 3v3. New Trials of Osiris rewards include:

  • The Immortal, a new legendary 750 RPM Strand machine gun that uses perks like Rangefinder and Killing Wind.
  • Astral Horizon, an aggressive kinetic frame shotgun. This weapon returns with the Slideshot, Surplus, and Opening Shot perks. Bungie hints that Shot Swap or Elemental Capacitor will also be available as new perks.

Starting this season, the Trials of Osiris engrams will remain with Saint-14 until you decode them. However, you cannot decode last season’s Trials engrams with Saint-14. You have to go to Master Rahool for that.

Iron Banner will run three times each season starting with Season 20. However, Bungie stressed that it will focus on the standard Iron Banner mods and variations rather than introducing more right away. He will run three different Iron Banner modes with one for each week.

Bungie increased the amount of reputation players can earn with Iron Banner in the final week of Season 19. It increased the multipliers for challenges and gear, and significantly increased the amount you can earn by using an emblem. Additionally, you can earn an emblem at Rank 16 starting in Season 20. Hopefully that means even more players can equip it to gain 50% more reputation.

Bungie added two Iron Banner legacy weapons to loot in Season 20:

  • Jorum’s Claw (Pulse Rifle)
  • Fox Bite (Sniper Rifle)

We have more detailed information on Trials of Osiris rewards this week in a separate guide. Also, you might want to consider Destiny 2: Lightfall if you’re looking for more Destiny content.

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