Destiny 2 Update Makes It Less Likely To Get Empty Terminal Overload

Bungie announced two fixes that addressed matchmaking and public event spawn rates in Neomuna, the new area added in its Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion. Increased the spawn rate of Vex Strike Force public events and improved Terminal Overload nodes to more consistently match players. Hopefully, players could now more easily earn rewards with these two features in Neomuna.

Vex Strike Force public events challenge players to defeat many powerful enemies within a time limit. Those who complete the challenge receive a guaranteed piece of Exotic Gear, making it a lucrative event for any player to participate in. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find, even if you constantly check the map for public events within the weekly Vex raid zone.

Destiny players have also complained about frequent crashes during public events, so you’re not guaranteed to get the gear even if you’re lucky enough to be online during one of the events. Some players have even reported showing up to an event alone and failing the challenge because they couldn’t finish it on their own.

Terminal Overload, another type of public activity, reflects the same issues as Vex Strike Force public events. Many players reported spawning into empty slots alone or with too few teammates to complete the challenge. However, as noted in Bungie’s update, the latest patch is supposed to minimize the chance of generating an empty terminal overload event.

These are not fixes for game-breaking bugs, but do address activities that help players earn valuable rewards like Neomuna Reputation, Strand Meditations, and Exotic Gear. Bungie’s latest patch could be a way to allow more players to take part in these challenges, especially since events seem to fail a lot.

Next on the list, players are demanding that they also fix a rampant issue with Nimbus’s Rewardwhich is preventing access to the new mission Partition Weekly.

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